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Industry expert Linda F. Radke shares 27 years of award-winning publishing experience
A six-hour publishing and marketing intensive workshop that teaches participants how to set up their own publishing company, produce well-designed printed books from a written manuscript, outsource e-Book conversions, secure distribution for printed and electronic books, create a press kit and pitch it to the media, and create and implement a marketing plan. The seminar is taught by Linda F. Radke, president of Five Star Publications, Inc., which celebrates 27 successful years in the book publishing and marketing industry. At times, Radke will be joined by other industry experts or executives of Five Star.

The full-day workshop is divided into two three-hour segments with lunch in between. The first half focuses on publishing and the second half is dedicated to public relations and marketing.

The half-day workshops are two three-hour mini-workshops, given either on consecutive days or consecutive weeks. The first mini-workshop focuses on publishing and the second is dedicated to public relations and marketing. While we do recommend attending both, these half-day mini-workshops can be taken independently of each other.

Group seminars are limited to 15 people, and may be taken all in one day or in two half-day workshops as available.

Private workshops consist of one-on-one face time with Linda F. Radke, done in person or via Skype.

Workshops are currently being scheduled for the next two months and participants are encouraged to call 480-940-8182 (toll free) for available dates.


  • Six hours of intense learning focused on publishing and/or marketing.
  • A one-hour lunch with meal provided.
  • Free listing at or
  • Plenty of time for Q&A.
  • A list of endorsed businesses and subcontractors to help authors with aspects of self-publishing better done by someone other than themselves.
  • Handouts to remind and reinforce principals and information discussed in class.
  • Two free hours of follow-up consultation with Radke, valued at $200/hour, when taking full-day, or one free hour for half-day.
  • One free copy each of Promote Like a Pro and The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing for the full-day workshop; choice of one book for the half-day.
  • A 15% discount on any services offered by Five Star Publications.
  • Qualified publicity and marketing leads emailed to participants for 3 months.

Call 480-940-8182 to reserve your seat in this valuable workshop!

Attend with a friend, and you each get $50 off full-day workshop or $25 off half-day.

Refer a friend, and if that friend takes the workshop,
receive a $50 bank card if they take the full-day workshop or $25 bank card if they take a half-day.