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*An Instructive Time And Money Saving Handbook*

"THE ECONOMICAL GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING" is an essential tool needed for successful Self-Publication, which offers great support to be in today's very competitive market. This unique book introduces an incredibly powerful concept of Self-Publishing, and how it works.

This simple, easy-to-read guide explains how to get started, while clearly describing what the author needs to know. This complete guide to Self-Publishing offers a professional, author-friendly book publishing environment, directing the reader to the best possible opportunities to achieve success with their book. I recommend this book to all writers, authors, and Self-Publishers. Linda F. Radke presents facts of interest as she walks you through the Self-Publishing process, outlining steps of how to stay in control, without facing authorship in total darkness. Most important, she demonstrates how the Self-Publishing experience can be a success, while saving money. This informative, skillfully written guide is a useful resource for the presentation of your first book, covering the journey from your manuscript to promotions. "THE ECONOMICAL GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING" is as interesting as THE SECRETS OF SELF-PUBLISHING, and as practical as THE COMPLETE SELF-PUBLISHING HANDBOOK. In today's evolving book publishing industry, authors are taking control of their writing, and book publishing options. Linda F. Radke will lead the way, and open the golden door to opportunity, and success.

July 16, 2009
Geraldine Ahearn "Author Geri Ahearn"

Insight Out
"Our game distributor notified us that one of their outlets ordered 600 Insight Out games! And it's all due to the PR efforts of your team at Five Star - Take a bow!"
Leah Abrahams
-Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

A Squirrels TaleA Squirrel's Story—A True Tale
by Jana Bommersbach

Jana does it again!

Click here to view her interview with Ted Simons on channel Eight, Arizona PBS's own award-winning program, Arizona Horizon. Congratulations to Jana.

Arizona Horizon
Eight, Arizona PBS

October 15, 2013

 Lions Clubs of Arizona "I just returned from our State Lions Convention at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale this weekend. I did a workshop on Literacy that was well attended. I wanted you to know that so many Lions came up to tell me how many good comments they had received from their schools. Bee's Amazing Adventure was a big hit. My responsibility is to promote activities to improve literacy, love of reading, and build rapport with the community schools. Our motto and reason for being is "We Serve." Your program with Bee's Amazing Adventure was perfect for our area in Southern Arizona."

- Muriel Stevens, chairperson of the Reading Action Program for the District 21B Lions Clubs of Arizona

Purple Dragonfly Book Award Submissions

We are happy to announce that the copies of the 2014 Purple Dragonfly Award submissions will be donated to the Hardwick Elementary School library in Hardwick, Massachusetts. Thank you to all who entered and we hope the schoolchildren will enjoy the books as much as our judges did!

Una Vida - A Fable of Music and the Minda Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind
Now a Major Motion Picture

Official Selection - Hollywood Film Festival 2014 and winner of 2 more awards at the American Black Film Festival in NYC, including a second Jury Award for Best Actress for Aunjanue Ellis and a third Audience Award for Best Feature Film

Side-Yard Superhero Upon receipt of new book covers designating a second One Book/One Community selection...

"Thank you for the revised copies of Rick's book. You should have seen his face when he opened the box! I think he was as excited as when it was first published. Great job!

We appreciate you!"

Best wishes,

Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met GeronimoReba Wells Grandrud"Thank you, Linda, for continuing to keep Addie in the public eye. You do so much more than just publish-you make many lives better by your support of worthy causes! I am happy to be associated with anything Five Star approves."

Reba Wells Grandrud, co-author of Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met Geronimo.

Inside the Minds of Car DealersRay Lopez Hanford Sentinel Commentary: You and the Law: Shopping for a new car?

"Now a retired car salesman, Lopez has written "Inside the Minds of Car Dealers," a book which You and the Law absolutely recommends that anyone in the market for a new car reads before stepping onto a dealer's lot."

"We were impressed by his honesty, desire to educate and protect the public, along with a terrific sense of humor, making this not only a practical, money-saving book, but also an entertaining read.

"'Just how practical is the book? Beyond interesting, will it save me money?' you might be thinking.

"One of his tips was responsible for a You and the Law staff member saving close to $4,000 on a new car, while another answered the question, 'Do I trade-in or sell privately?'..."

June 14, 2014 6:30 am
By Dennis Beaver
Hanford Sentinel Commentary: You and the Law: Shopping for a new car?

Dennis Beaver "As a former Consumer Fraud Deputy D.A. (when I began my career here in Bakersfield in 1973) and then a television and radio consumer reporter, I know cons when I see them. You are the real thing. No, not a real con!! LOL!! I am so impressed with your ethics and sense of duty to help, to educate, it just blows me away. I no longer have a copy of the book, as a friend begged me to "loan" him the book after reading the story online. And I did so happily. He and his wife are in the market for a new car and I told him that he had to get your book. Finally, Ray, you need to know that from my perspective, if you wanted to find a better publisher/PR Firm/media relations person, explore some other planet. As you can well imagine, I speak with many very serious, competent, media relations people. Oddly, few exhibit the kind of enthusiasm which Linda (Radke) has shown. The next day after our phone chat, arrives your book. In my phone conversations with her, she radiated an enthusiasm, belief in, and enthusiasm for Ray Lopez, for his book, and she did this without being phony, as I do not think she is capable of that."

H. Dennis Beaver, Esq.

Return to OrderJohn Horvat"Linda Radke and her team at Five Star Publications are a great pleasure to work with. On a professional level, they know the "ins" and "outs" of book promotion. They don't get stuck. With this team, I learned to expect the unexpected. If one idea didn't work, they would find another one that did. The bottom line: Linda and her team get results. As an author, I am grateful for what she did, and recommend her services to others who need a winning marketing strategy for their books."

John Horvat II, author of Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society
Where We've Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go

Inside the Minds of Car DealersRay Lopez

Five Star author and former car dealer Ray Lopez was recently interviewed by ABC's "20/20" about how to outsmart a car dealer. In their True Confessions segment, they got the inside scoop from former salespeople. Before you make your next shopping trip, be sure to follow their tips so you don't go home with an empty wallet and buyers'remorse.

Watch the May 9th segment here.

Sixty-Minute Seder Holidays of Hope: Books for Passover and Easter

Cass Foster, whose 60-minute Shakespeare series introduced students and community theater groups to condensed versions of the Bard, brings his expertise to whittling the length while keeping the language and order in Sixty-Minute Seder: Preserving the Essence of the Passover Haggadah by Cass Foster and Nellie Foster (Six Points Press, Feb.). After guests at Seder dinners hosted with wife and co-author Nellie joked they should apply the 60-minute concept to the event--which typically lasts for two to five hours-the concept for the book was born. In Sixty-Minute Seder, the Fosters preserved the order while editing the commentary. Nellie added some recipes (including vegetarian options) and tips for planning and preparation, with an eye toward making the Haggadah (the book of readings for the Passover service) accessible to all, regardless of faith, background, or familiarity with Jewish laws, customs, and traditions, reflecting the diversity at their own Seder table. "We know numerous families who celebrate Passover," says Cass. "Some are more familiar with the Passover customs than us. Others are completely secular with very little sense of our traditions, while some belong to interfaith families where partners lack equal familiarity." The Fosters already have ideas for revisions that will allow women and children to take a more active role. "We've come up with ways children as young as 3 or 4 can facilitate as many as 10 minutes of the hour experience," Cass says. Sixty-Minute Seder has been endorsed by Reform, Reconstructionist, Liberal, Conservative, Progressive, and Orthodox rabbis.

By Lauren Yarger
Publishers Weekly
Mar 25, 2014

Light the Way

"“…You and the entire Five Star staff are professional, passionate, and ethical! Thanks for all your help on this Linda, and most of all, your belief in my book."

Janet Stoeppelmann

Clinton Fredericks World War II: A legacy of LettersJanuary 10, 2014

Dear Mr. Frederick:

I heard you speak at the Desert Foothills library in November and was so intrigued about your book (Legacy of Letters) that I bought two books, one for a friend who couldn’t be there.

I was too young to serve in WWll but old enough to be aware of the war and its effect on people. Because of the background I have become a WWII junkie. I probably have read 90% of the books published on the subject. I unfortunately have never visited any of the Pacific battle sites. I have been to most of the European sites.

After ready the book, I must say it is probably the most interesting and revealing account ever written of what occurred in the Pacific war. You should be proud of the book. You obviously put a lot of work into it and it shows. Good job.

I believe very strongly that part of the political problems in our country has to do with the fact there are no men like your father left to provide leadership. He knew what was important in life.

Yours very truly,
James J. Christensen

 title="Linda, I want to take this moment to tell you exactly what our professional relationship has meant to me but more importantly, how Five Star Publications helped me achieve my literary dreams. For a first-time author wanting to get their book into the global marketplace and into the hands of its intended readers is a huge and risky undertaking. There are so many decisions a person with no prior publishing experience needs to consider in order for have their work stand out and get noticed. I was happy with what I had accomplished on my own going the self-publishing route, but I knew that in order to take Tasting Rain to the next level, I needed to find a reputable publishing house that I could trust and work with to make that happen. From day one, you and your staff treated me with the highest level of professionalism, honesty and integrity. Five Star Publications delivered on everything that was in our agreement but what stands out the most to me were the times that Five Star would go above and beyond what was stipulated in our agreement. It is recalling those times that makes Five Star Publications shine among its competitors. With your expertise and years of industry knowledge, you always managed my expectations and never promised on things that you could not deliver on. No guarantees were ever given by you nor expected from me. What we did was work together as a team on the marketing plan you created for Tasting Rain and together we enjoyed the successes that came from implementing those tasks. My entire involvement in working with everyone at Five Star was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding business experiences. There is no doubt in my mind that should I attempt to write another book (or many), the only publisher I would ever want to work with would be Five Star Publications."

Kim Malchuk, author of Tasting Rain

A Squirrels Tale

Author Jana Bommersbach on Linda Radke's Five Star Publications...

"...one of these great publishing houses that almost nobody in Arizona knows she's here, although they all know her books because she does fantastic children's books. She's a great treasure of Arizona."

Jana Bommersbach,
author of A Squirrel's Story: A True Tale
speaking with PBS Eight's Ted Simons

"I dare say Alzheimer's disease found its Tuesdays With Morrie in the memoir, As Nora Jo Fades Away."

Linda F. Radke A Five Star Endorsement on Thumbtack
for Linda F. Radke of Five Star Publications, Inc.

Top notch professional in book publishing and promotions. Her unique insights based upon decades of experience allow clients to see great results. She continues to promote client work through her extensive industry relationships. Her honesty and integrity are the foundation of her business.

A Squirrels TaleJana BommersbachA Squirrel's Story—A True Tale
by Jana Bommersbach

So how does a U-M alumnus and journalist who regularly tears apart politicians and investigates true crime write a heartwarming children's picture book about a mother squirrel living in her parents' North Dakota backyard? Arizona commentator Jana Bommersbach has a simple answer: "My mother told me to write it, and if there's one thing I've learned in all my years, it is to do what my mother tells me!"

Bommersbach's first book, The Trunk Murderess: Winnie Ruth Judd, was a national bestseller and was named Arizona's One Book AZ selection in 2010. The author mines far gentler territory with A Squirrel's Story—A True Tale. The children's book provides a spunky, tender glimpse into the lives of Shirlee Squirrel and her children, Sammy and Sally. Retold in Bommersbach's best "squirrel speak," Shirlee's story speaks to the heart as young readers learn about instinct, survival, and most importantly, a mother's love. The book includes curriculum and activity guides which are perfect for home and classroom use.

University of Michigan
Allumni books and arts

Addie Slaughter - the Girl Who Met Geronimo

I am continually grateful to my longtime friend, Winn Bundy, who said to Susan (Krueger) and me, "Oh, you've got to take your manuscript to Linda Radke at Five Star Publications! She's the best!" Thank you, Linda, for being a fantastic publisher and publicist!

Reba Well Grandrud
Co-Author, Historian
Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met Geronimo


GQ GQ Where Are You? Plenty of children's books rely on animals acting like humans, dressing in clothes and portraying human traits to tell the story, but sometimes animals can be animals.

Arizona author, Sharon I. Ritt's book, GQ GQ, Where are you? (Little Five Star, 2013) is about a Gambel's quail, going about his day in the Sonoran desert. His name is Georgy, though he goes by GQ. So yes he has a human name, which I'm glad is not Quigley Quail as one of my pet peeves is alliterative animal names in children's books.

The best thing about this book for Valley children is seeing and hearing GQ on a regular basis since Gambel's quail are ubiquitous in the Valley and they make themselves heard, calling to one another to keep track of the covey or to give warning.

The book narrates GQ's day in the desert as he encounters other animals and plants. The language is simple and often the second line on the page repeats, much like the quail calling out to the covey.

The illustrations by Nadia Komorova are suitably cute, because, let's face it, Gambel's quail are cute animals with their round bodies and dashing plume on top of their heads. The plants and animals of our desert are accurately drawn and kids will get to see in real life what they see in the book; A nice connection between literature and nature.

The story is written simply and perfect for a beginning reader or as read aloud. The end of the book has a few pages describing desert plants and animals, The young kids for whom this book is written will need the descriptive text read to them, but as they get older they'll be able to enjoy the story again on their own and read the descriptive text as well.

The book comes with a CD to sing the story with music. I didn't have the CD since the book is just a review copy but you can hear an excerpt on the book's website.

By Daniel Friedman
Raising Arizona Kids
March 27, 2013
Gambel's quail babies running around my pool. Photo by Daniel Friedman

Gunsmoke: An American Institution

5.0 out of 5 stars
This IS the BOOK on TV's GUNSMOKE ..!

There are books and then there are books...but this IS THE BOOK you need if you are indeed a serious fan of televisions 20 year run of GUNSMOKE. Beautifully printed . Many rare photos. Some in full color, never before seen of the cast. A complete run down on each 635 episode with full cast, director, producer, writer, plot. Interviews with cast members and guest stars. If you have a question about this show, you will probably find the answer here. This is a heavy 8 1/2 by 10 1/2" 2-inch thick 620-pages of the early old west world of Matt Dillon, Miss Kitty, Doc, Chester, Festus, Sam, Quint and all the others that appeared. Each page is worth every cent. Even after all the time it takes to read and go through it...you will do it again and again.

John Cooper
"J.C. Big Band Fan"

Side-Yard Superhero by Rick D. Niece Rick Niece has written a beautiful story beautifully. A few times I laughed out loud. Several times I stopped, closed the book and just remembered - remembered my own growing up. Almost as a 'by the way', "Side-Yard Superhero" is sprinkled with poems, also written by Rick Niece, poems that are light yet thoughtful, poems with lines such as "And even if you are both no longer what you were, you are each as you should be remembered." That verse is going into my next love letter to my husband. And "Side-Yard Superhero" is going on my 'keeper' bookshelf. [more]

Jane Allen Petrick for Readers' Favorite

Taming of the Shrew by Cass Foster

Cass Foster's Sixty-Minute Shakespeare Taming of the Shrew is a highly accessible adaptation chock-full of practical advice and production support. Providing young people with a positive Shakespeare experience will set the stage for a lifetime appreciation of the classics. It is the best gift we can give kids in an age of sound bytes!

Marla Truini
Director of Drama/ Outreach
Westover School

Marla Truini, DIrector of Drama at Westover School in Middlebury, CT has directed Shakespeare with children for twenty years. An experienced actor and director with a Masters in Theatre Arts from Southern Oregon University, she is committed expanding theatre education into every school's curriculum.

Linda F. Radke Linda F. Radke, president of Five Star Publications was recently interviewed by S. Luke Abaffy on Author Feast, a show for writers. Some of the comments included:

"crazily informative interview! linda's great and her passion for what she's doing is totally infectious." ~kayte

"Superb interview. Thank you for sharing Linda's expertise and passion with your audience. I've been a professional editor for more than 35 years and an author of children's books for more than 20 years. I've self-published, worked with large traditional publishers, and with smaller companies. Doing partner publishing with Linda Radke and Five Star Publications is one of the best decisions I have ever made as a professional writer and author. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She knows her business...WELL!" ~Conrad J. Storad

Click here to watch the full interview with Author Feast.

Movie Addict Headquarters with Betty Jo Tucker
Dear Linda,

You were wonderful on Movie Addict HQ today!!!

I apologize for being a little rattled during the show after hearing you say CONFESSIONS OF A MOVIE ADDICT earned a perfect score in every category. That really bowled me over. I'm still on cloud nine!

It was a great honor to have you as our guest, Linda...

Thanks so much for everything you do to help authors!

Betty Jo
Host of Movie Addict Headquarters

"Nanise', A Navajo Herbal" is a book of great beauty, accuracy, and practicality which should interest all students of Southwestern area cultures, as well as a casual horticulturist.

Nancy Lorraine
Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review

More information is available at www.NaniseNavajoHerbal.com

Excuse Me, Can You Repeat ThatCathy Edelstein Five Star author of Excuse Me, Can You Repeat That?, Cathy Edelstein was recently published in Miami Community Newspapers with an article on international students. So proud to have Cathy Edelstein as a Five Star author!

Linda F. Radke  President, Five Star Publications, Inc.

Susan Krueger Horiffa, the green skinned, gnarly haired girl and her story Horiffa's Magical Makeover was awarded an Honorable Mention for Children's Books in the Halloween Festival Book Contest for 2012. Congratulations to author Susan Krueger!


Nanise a Navajo HerbalReba Wells Grandrud, Ph. D.Just looking at the book cover makes me want to rush out and buy it!! Linda, you're amazing at what you continue to publish!

Reba Wells Grandrud, Ph. D.

Tic Talk

Dylan Peters is the author of "Tic Talk: Living with Tourette Syndrome." His mother recently shared an article that he wrote that appeared in the Inspiration Newsletter. It is published by the Jim Eisenreich Foundation for children with tourette syndrome. Please see the link below and find your way to page two.

We published Dylan's book when he was in third grade. He is now in high school and his book and words continue to inspire children of all ages. So proud to be his publisher.

Linda F. Radke, President, Five Star Publications, Inc.
May 2012 - Jim Eisenreich Foundation Inspiration Newsletter

Sarah Lipton SedibehDear Linda

"I found the telephone conversation with you to be invaluable..."

Every paid listing at our AuthorsandExperts.com website includes a 30-minute consultation phone call with Five Star Publications, Inc. president and book-marketing expert Linda Radke. Check it out if you are serious about marketing your book!

A Hometown Hero!

Some writers are natural born story tellers, and Rick Niece is one of those people. No, he doesn't tell graphic tales of horror or suspense, and he doesn't write romance novels. Niece's nonfiction books are simple stories about good people living small town lives, yet each memory hides universal truths about human nature and the lasting impact of those who help us grow...

With at third book in the works, Niece's career as a writer is "looking snappy and cool". In September 2012 Niece will be honored in DeGraff as Grand Marshall of a parade and weekend festival, The DeGraff Country Fair, in his honor.

Connie Las Schneider
ABOUT...the River Valley Magazine
August 2012

Sarah Lipton SedibehDear Linda,
Can you tell Laurie that I am really grateful for what she has done for me: putting my photograph, listing and description on THE AUTHORS AND EXPERTS website.
I think that AUTHORS AND EXPERTS is an invaluable website for writers and speakers.
Also, I think that THE DRAGONFLY AWARDS are great for authors. I am going to enter at least two of the categories.
I am pleased to be a member.

Best Wishes
Sarah Lipton
Sarah's AuthorsandExperts.com listing

Susan Krueger, Ed.D will be making appearances in schools, libraries and bookstores based on Horrifa's Magic Makeover with her puppets, Dragunda and Horrifa.

Arizona Way Out West & Wacky by Conrad Storad and Lynda Exley won the 2012 IBPA Silver Award in the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Awards competition, in the Young Reader: Nonfiction category. [more]

Congratulations! Your title, Arizona Way Out West & Wacky [by Conrad Storad and Lynda Exley] has been named as one of three finalists in the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Awards competition, in the following category: Young Reader: Nonfiction (8-12 Years).

Terry Nathan
Executive Director
Independent Book Publishers Association

May 02, 2012

Tucson Author Dianne Ebertt Beeaff Wins Award for 'Spirit Stones'

If you missed Paul Wine's review of Spirit Stones: Unraveling the Megalithic Mysteries of Western Europe's Prehistoric Monuments (Five Star Publications, 320 pages, $19.95) back in February, you may want to check it out here. Wine says the book is a "worthy read" and "... is an interesting and scholarly introduction to one of the ancient world's most-mystifying topics."

Last month, judges of The Eric Hoffer Award awarded Beeaff's book with a first-place prize in the spiritual books category. Read on and visit the awards site and publisher for more information.
Tucson Weekely

YouTube of Beckey BurgoyneNortheast Elementary School physical education teacher Beckey Burgoyne wrote the book on Amanda Blake, known to most of us Gunsmoke fans as "Miss Kitty." Here's Beckey in an unscripted moment at her school's "Field Day" outdoor activities event May 30, 2012. Click here to view the full video

Produced by John LeGear...lifetime Gunsmoke fan from its earliest years.
Published on YouTube, Jun 4, 2012 by TimComm

Spirit Stones: Unraveling the Mysteries of Western Europe's Prehistoric Monuments by Dianne Ebertt Beeaff was recently named Finalist in the Spirituality Category at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and a Finalist in the Body, Mind & Spirit Category of ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards.

5.0 out of 5 Stars on Amazon.com
Great Read/Uplifting

[A]ll of the blanks were filled in by reading this book and you really get to know the real Dave Pratt and his family. The tone/style of Dave's writing was just like he was sitting next to you having a personal conversation. Very enjoyable read and uplifting. I highly recommend reading this book. [more]

May 22, 2012
Arizona Native (Phoenix, AZ)

Linda Exley Excells!Linda Exley Excells

What an amazing presenter! Lynda Exley, author of this year's ONEBOOK AZ for Kids, Way Out West and Wacky, is fantastic...

Not only was our past library director in attendance, but also our Dean of Innovative Learning and Academic Support, both of whom thought the presentation was outstanding. Community members, staff and faculty all were very impressed.

I would highly recommend inviting Lynda Exley as an informative, fun, entertaining, knowledgeable and creative presenter. In fact, we hope to see her again this fall! [more]

Judy MacQueen
Circulation and Community Outreach
Paul A. Elsner Library
Mesa Community College

Five Star Publications Inc., is proud to announce that Cheery by Dr Elizabeth Davidson has been honored as a 2012 First Horizon Award finalist.

Finalists are announced prior to the Eric Hoffer Award for Books. This small list of finalists is an honored distinction of its own for first time authors.

"Cheery: The True Adventures of a Chiricahua Leopard Frog" introduces new readers to the life cycle of a frog and the efforts to save the threatened Chiricahua leopard frog. Written for elementary students and illustrated in lush colors, this book is a useful tool for parents and teachers to explain a frog's ecology.

...Cleverly illustrated by Michael Hagelberg, "Cheery" is worthwhile entertainment for children. [more]

~ Brieanna Brown-Lapp

"Looking back, I cannot imagine starting Gifts To Go with a focus on local authors without the support and counsel of Linda Radke and the entire team at Five Star Publications! She never disappoints and is continually willing to offer ideas that would take me years to learn on my own! So fortunate to have been able to work with her and her team so early in our development!"

~ Tammy Fraser

Arizona Way Out West and WackyArizona Way Out West and Wacky
Five Star Publications' award winning author Conrad Storad was interviewed by John Wolfe at Sibley's West gift shop on the square in downtown Chandler during Conrad's signing for the store's 1-year anniversary.

Watch the YouTube video of the interview below or visit YouTube to see the video.

Una VidaDr Nicolas Bazan

'Una Vida' Novel to Hit The Big Screen

CHANDLER, AZ (October, 2011) - In the genre of blockbuster films Ray, The Soloist, A Beautiful Mind, The Notebook and Field of Dreams, the novel by Dr. Nicolas Bazan, Una Vida, will soon become a major motion picture. Una Vida is the haunting story of a mesmerizing New Orleans street singer whose eerie past holds the key to renowned neuroscientist Dr. Alvaro Cruz's recurring dream and hunger for redemption. Stricken with Alzheimer's, Una Vida can only offer tantalizing clues to her past through her spellbinding vocals, incredible recollection of jazz lyrics and occasional verbal revisitings of a life that is quickly fading. Can Cruz make sense of the fragmented pieces before they are forever gone, and in the process give the woman closure on the greatest heartbreak of her life? [more]

Kill the Messenger Mystery surrounds newspaper publisher's death

This first mystery novel by Elizabeth Daniels Squire is recommended because of its taut storyline and eccentric characters...

Many North Carolinians may also enjoy this tale because the late author was a member of the Daniels family, who owned and published Raleigh's News and Observer for many generations.

The Daniels dynasty, fervent Democrats, played a significant role in the Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman administrations.

Native Tar Heels cannot help but wonder if "Kill the Messenger" was not inspired by Daniels family discussions and/or disagreements that led to the Raleigh News and Observer's sale in 1995. [more]

~ Posted by CW Editor on October 14, 2011 by Mike Shinn

Conrad StoradLynda ExleyArizona Way Out West and Wacky

Conrad Storad and Lynda Exley have done it!

They engage their readers on every level to keep learning about Arizona fun. The illustrations by Michael Hagelberg bring our wacky state to life. As a parent, and as a frequent speaker to schools about Arizona, "Arizona Way Out West & Wacky" will be a valued source for my tool belt.

If Arizona doesn't deserve it…….WHO DOES?

~ The Mornin' Mayor Dave Pratt

Shakespeare for Children I love the Classics and I love Shakespeare, so when I found Shakespeare for Children: The Story of Romeo and Juliet I knew I had to get my hands on it. Cass Foster is the creative author behind this adorable book who has captured this timeless story into now a children's favorite.

Foster masterfully simplified the story of Romeo and Juliet into a wonderful children's picture book. Now, little ones will learn the story of Romeo and Juliet thus, learn about Shakespeare. Foster however, extents his creativity by providing more books on the works of Shakespeare as these children get older. Foster's also has the series, Sixty-Minute Shakespeare and To Teach or Not to Teach: Teaching Shakespeare Made Fun! I love this! Foster has allowed for children to be exposed to William Shakespeare in a new innovative, fun way. Children now will learn to love and appreciate these great works and by the time they enter high school, these teenagers will be able to embrace the full works of Shakespeare. [more]

Tami ButcherMy Bonus Mom!

Hey Bonus Families, "Here's Your Sign!"

Comedian Bill Engvall forwards a children's book that paints divorce in a positive light.

Author Tami Butcher has taken the "step" out of "stepmom" with her new children's book and help from comedian Bill Engvall. Painting divorce in a positive light, "My Bonus Mom!" draws experiences of Butcher's life in a way that everyone can relate to. Having divorced and remarried parents of her own, the author shares a relevant and necessary story... [more]

~ Michelle Bair,

Arizona Way Out West and Wacky ...Who says learning about Arizona can't be bushels of fun? "Arizona: WOWW" is guaranteed to entertain and educate at the same time. You'll find mind-challenging but fun games and crossword puzzles, coloring pages, crafts and all kinds of amazing little facts.

You'll even find Dutch oven recipes for biscuits, cobbler and green-chili cornbread. You'll also find recipes for tostadas, enchiladas, salsa and rice pudding.

There's corny humor too, such as "What kind of cheese is not yours?" Nacho cheese of course. Corngratulations if you got it right.

In the midst of all these fun games and wacky tales there's a whole lot of good factual information in WOWW. Just like Mary Poppins said, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down..."

~ Marshall Trimble
Official Arizona State Historian
[read the full letter]

Addie Slaughter was a great read. The support material is valuable also. The grades the book would be in line with the state mandated curriculum are grades 3 and 5. Thebook is definitely reader friendly and is very important to Arizona history. The department of education does not see this type of personal connection as the primary focus on Arizona history past the fifth grade. I found it personally satisfying and have recommended it to many teachers in the district (Mesa). I appreciate the chance to gain a point of view I had not had before.

~ Tony Bisanz,
Arizona Teacher

The Student from Zombie Island
If you are looking for a good book to read with your child this summer, that teaches them about not spreading rumors or listening to gossip, then this is a must-read book. The illustrations are beautifully done, and so vibrant that your child will not get bored with the story or the pictures. It will keep them entertained, and want to see what happens at the end and who "Bust 'em Up Bill" is.

The Miracle Kitten
...through books like this, we can pass along the message about caring for and showing compassion for animals, especially rescue animals with our children.

I can't wait to share this story with my daughter when she gets older.

Clara Meets Mr TwiddlesLynnette A. Murray-Gibson

Follow along with the cutely illustrated book as Mr. Twiddles meets Clara, the cleaning lady, and how he tries everything in his powers to get rid of her. But, in the end, a simple gesture of hand vacuuming his favorite chair forms a bond between them and they become friends.

This is a great book to read to your child if they are pet or cat lovers.

Linda, I haven't had much experience dealing with publishers, but you have to be in a category of "best publishers in all the land!" Thanks for all the assistance you have given Susan and me in getting Addie published and marketed and for your patience in dealing with special requests.

Bravo! I read ADDIE SLAUGHTER, THE GIRL WHO MET GERONIMO. I liked the cover. It says "authentic". I was delighted with the clarity and simplicity of language. I admired the grit demonstrated by the ranch family, and the kind, generous spirit of these early settlers of Arizona. As a 5th grade teacher, I was always on the hunt for books like Addie Slaughter to supplement Social Studies topics. They were hard to find. Keep writing.

~Patti Johannsen
Rating Historical Fiction

Conrad StoradRattlesnake Rules
Southwest Books of the Year 2010

Thankfully, award-winning science author Storad teams up once again with illustrator Jenson to delight younger readers with another funny yet informative story about another Southwest critter. In rhyme and vibrant color, we learn the rules young rattlesnakes "learn" for hunting, eating and warning; conversely, there are even a few rules for humans to observe. This short rhymed tale concludes with four pages of interesting facts about rattlesnakes and another four pages of "curriculum guide." Though perhaps not as hilarious as the duos' prior tales about the desert tortoise, armadillo, and packrat, "Rattlesnake Rules" still charms and informs.

"Right now it seems, grants are one of the best ways to bring in a bit of extra funding for school supplies and equipment! So if you are in a position where a grant would be helpful--I definitely recommend checking out Chris Taylor's Book, Granted! A Teacher's Guide to Writing & Winning Classroom Grants."

April 6, 2011

At first glance, most people think Michael Moorehead, age 15, is special because his children's picture book, The Student From Zombie Island: Conquering the Rumor Monster was published when he was only 11. However, if they look deeper, they will better see the driving forces behind his accomplishment - compassion and persistence - are even more impressive. [more]

March 2011

"What a great young man [Michael Moorhead, author of Zombie Island]. Inspirational.
Congratulations to all."

Alex Cord
Actor and Author of award-winning
A Feather in the Rain

I received your note and signed book plate for the "Miss Kitty" biography that I bought at the "Festival of the West". You were so thoughtful to send it. I am enjoying my book very much, and have such good memories of our first trip to Arizona. The Festival was wonderful!...so much to see and do! We even rode horses for the first time while in Arizona! Your friendliness and kindness was very much appreciated by two folks so far from home. Thank you again for taking the time to send this.....and for helping to make our visit there such a pleasant one.

Very Sincerely,
Kathy and Vaughn Brand
Cataula, Georgia

Chefs and novice cooks alike can impress friends and family with the very same dishes famous entertainers and dignitaries prepare and serve thanks to Legends in the Kitchen: Celebrity Recipes for a Cause, compiled by Mrs. Howard Keel & Linda F. Radke and published by Five Star Publications, Inc.

Dozens of celebrities have contributed their favorite recipes to this fabulous collector's cookbook - all for a good cause, as a percentage of proceeds from the sale of Legends in the Kitchen benefits the nonprofit Motion Picture & Television Fund, which has served the entertainment industry with a vast array of health, retirement, social and charitable services since 1921.

April 1, 2011

Hey Conrad!
Just wanted to let you know that we, Painting With Pat, featured you on our March web page for Read Across America!
Your work is GREAT!

Pat Tracks ENEWS

Fans of Amanda Blake, who played Miss Kitty in the series, might want to pick up a copy of Beckey Burgoyne's Perfectly Amanda, which is about as detailed and loaded with anecdote and art as any biography has a right to be. To say Burgoyne's bio is a labor of love is an understatement.

Henry Cabot Beck
True West

Alex Cord is the author of A Feather in the Rain. Scott West of DayBreak USA conducted this incredible interview that took place this morning. Mr. Cord talks about Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis, Jr., The Rat Pack, the writing of A Feather in the Rain. and so much more.

Links to YouTube broadcosts of the Live in studio radio interview with Scott West on DayBreak USA:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Addie was the daughter of the John Slaughter who owned the old San Bernardino Spanish Land Grant straddling the Arizona-Mexican border. I visited the ranch a few years ago and it is a desert oasis to behold. Thousands of people visit the historic ranch and this book would certainly sell well in their gift shop.

Susan's book is designed for fourth to seventh grades and is based on true stories told by Addie to her daughter. These stories are enhanced by Dr. Reba Grandrud, renowned research historian and someone I've known for more than 40 years. She was involved with the restoration of the historic ranch in the 1990s.

I spend a lot of time during the school year as state historian visiting fourth grade classes and I always take the time to look at their library collection of books on Arizona. There are a limited number of good books on Arizona that are written through the eyes of someone their own age. Written with Addie in the first person, students learn what it was like to be a young girl as an eyewitness to the town of Tombstone and experiencing rattlesnakes, outlaws, earthquakes, smallpox and Indian attacks, including meeting the legendary Apache war chief, Geronimo. Addie certainly lived the life of a young dime-novel heroine.

Susan's long years of experience as a reading specialist enables her to write at a proper reading level while Dr. Grandrud' s expertise assures historical accuracy. The two combined create a wonderful book that will certainly enhance the learning and appreciation of Arizona's rich history.

I highly recommend this book…
~Marshall Trimble Official Arizona State Historian

I am pleased to recommend Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met Geronimo. As a retired educator and former Director of Education for the Arizona Historical Society Museum in Tempe, I recognize the value of this collaborative project for the children of Arizona.

This "chapter" book, as called by students and teachers, is based on the exemplary research of Dr. Reba Wells Grandrud. The oral history of Addie Slaughter is told by Susan Krueger through the eyes of a child to children throughout Arizona now and in future generations. Children will become acquainted with Addie and learn of her real-life adventures as the daughter of John and Viola Slaughter living in Tombstone and on the Slaughter Ranch.

Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met Geronimo is an excellent opportunity for children to become inspired to tell and write their own life stories. Perhaps some of those experiences will be published for Arizona's Bicentennial.

~Gwen Robinson Retired educator and former Director of Education for the Arizona Historical Society Museum in Tempe

Healing Stones and Gardens

...Awe-inspiring images of gardens and crystals in the postcards encourage the suspension of time and offer an experience of inner peace. The artistic display of creation and the tranquil sounds of nature in the DVD shift the mind from left brain ‘thinking' to right brain ‘feeling'.

Short phrases on the back of the postcards invite thoughtful reflection and are an unexpected gift. The words on the back of the photograph of a quartz crystal rainbow fracture e.g. "The fractures in our life complete the colors of our wholeness."

This is a delightful and unique little book and recommended for those wanting to engage the holy in a unique way. [more]

June Maffin
Published author, speaker and teacher
for BookPleasures.com

...I'm not someone who procrastinates and most of my papers are easily locatable, but having one handy book for recording important personal information is a great idea. Whether it's needed at a time of natural disaster, unexpected hospitalization or my death, the information will be readily accessible. So I choose to take control now and will gather my information together and insert it into the "For the Record" book. I encourage you to do the same. [more]

June Maffin
Published author, speaker and teacher
for BookPleasures.com

Linda F. Radke, owner of Five Star Publishing, has written a book that will enlighten and assist authors on a journey down the road to publication with ease and understanding. I was so surprised to open this book and find so many secrets revealed. Not only will readers get helpful tips on formatting, typesetting, grammar and working with an independent contractor but they will also get examples and first hand experiences laid out to help the reader better understand the process. With the help of other writers Radke provides detailed insight on the parts of the book, which if you are planning to do any sort of Print On Demand the order of these pages are key.

Not only does Radke give a step-by-step instruction on the process of self-publication you get insight on what it means to be short run, typesetting, scanning and formatting. She lists examples of all the publishing options such as standard, self and partnership publication opportunities. She even talks about how you can start your own self-publishing company like she did. You will learn about which pieces of office equipment will be needed and why it is important in regards to starting a business. She also offers help with filing, shipping and freight information. These are also very important factors in getting your book to the public and being easily accessible by interested parties.

Every aspect of the publishing process is in this book. Readers learn how to market and promote as well as how to utilize media kits. The thing that impressed me the most is the information here can be used for writers who aren't considering self-publication. Radke gives tips on how to get your book on the radio, and television. Anywhere else this information would be sold. Each bit of information Each bit of information offered in this book is priceless.

Radke has everything you need to get your book published and out to the buyer in one easy to read place. You will not want to put this book down. Think of this book as a reference guide. In the back of the book Radke provides an A-Z glossary of words to help you better understand meanings of commonly used words in reference to self-publishing. You will use it often and it will be of great help to you. Thank you Linda for opening this door to self-publication. Any fears I had about this process have vanished.

Review Date: January 12, 2011
Reviewed by: Kristi Bernard

As Nora Jo Fades Away: Confessions of a Caregiver is an entertaining, informative peek into the home of a person who has Alzheimer's. Released in June and a first-place winner at the Paris Book Festival, the book reads like fiction but it is a factual account of the day-to-day work that goes into caring for someone who has dementia...

As long as this disease exists, there will be a need for caregivers like Cerasoli. "Part of my mission and my purpose right now is to connect with other caregivers and to make them feel like they're not alone," she said. "I want to help them deal with the guilt, the exhaustion, the outright confusion…to get them through the day."

Andrew Kahn
October 20,2010
Dana Foundation Blog
The Dana Foundation

An intriguing read, and one not to be missed for Hollywood biography collections - 5 Stars on Amazon
An icon of one of the longest running shows on television, Amanda Blake made her legend as Miss Kitty. "Perfectly Amanda: Gunsmoke's Miss Kitty, To Dodge and Beyond" tells the life story of the Gunsmoke veteran who made her own way in life, carrying over the charm of her character. An adventurous life with plenty of twists and turns both on and off the set, Beckey Burgoyne tells her story, peppered with photographs throughout. "Perfectly Amanda" is an intriguing read, and one not to be missed for Hollywood biography collections.

Midwest Book Review
(Oregon, WI USA)
October 14, 2010


You and your Five Star brought it all together and gave a supreme ending (or beginning) to the life of Vincent Beach. How many people are touched by his story we'll never know-but the ripples go out because you took the project on. You and Sue. We are eternally grateful for that and the friendship that follows.

Happy birthday. You started Five Star the same year as we were married. A great year!!!

Love and many blessings,
Anni and Vincent Beach
Don't Throw Away Your Stick Till You Cross the River

By the 15th season, viewers were well aware of the play of feeling between Miss Kitty and Matt Dillon, the marshal of Dodge City. The show's creators explored another level of that relationship in an episode titled "The Badge," scheduled to air in February 1970.

In the episode, Matt is badly wounded. When he begins to recover, Kitty packs up and leaves Dodge, unwilling to be around the next time Matt is wounded and in danger of dying.

The story was rejected by CBS executives, who argued that Kitty's extreme reaction was out of character. But when one of the producers handed them his resignation, the episode was returned to the schedule and aired Feb. 2, 1970.

Beckey Burgoyne, author of a new biography of Amanda Blake, who played Miss Kitty for 19 years, remembers that episode.

"I remember vividly being 10 or 12 years old and the impact that episode had on me. It really showed Miss Kitty's beauty and brains and the strength she had," she said.

Burgoyne will be in Dodge City this weekend to attend the "Gunsmoke" 55th anniversary celebrations and to sign copies of her book.

Don Steele
Dodge City Daily Globe
September 03, 2010 <

"Perfectly Amanda" was a big hit! We did our 'spotlight' review this past Tuesday and the phone lines lit up. Apparently there are many Gunsmoke fans out there. And, of course, the giveaways almost took our phone system down.
Thank you for helping us with this campaign -- we're happy to get the word out.
You're the best.

Charlie A

People really like your biographies. They're about normal people with life challenges, and folks can relate. Linda does a good job of picking the right authors to publish.

Jo Ann Hakola
Proud Member of IOBA, Independent Online Booksellers Association

I thoroughly enjoyed your book, but not necessarily just for the Alzheimer's aspect. It was more for the human soul soaring...

Greg Honnold, CLU, LUTCF
Lt Col, USAF, Ret

If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry: From a very unsuspecting caregiver who went from Hollywood to Michigan (and some days out of her mind!) comes the touching and humorous memoir of Lisa Cerasoli entitled AS NORA JO FADES AWAY. The actress, ACE certified personal trainer and author shares her candid experiences of running a household as a wife and mother while caring for her "Gram" who suffers with Alzheimer's. It's no wonder this book was the winner of The 2010 Paris Book Festival.

Lisa Belkov-Snyder

Lisa Cerasoli's On The Brink Of Bliss And Insanity takes home Silver in Fiction - Romance Category at ForeWord's 2009 Book of the Year Awards [more]

Gunsmoke An American Institution by Ben Costello
Gunsmoke was part of my childhood, so when I saw this on the list of Five Star Publications, I had to have it. They sent me the CD edition to review, and this was something new for me.

Originally I thought it might be a bit hard to read or negotiate through the document, but it's in PDF form and lists the chapters on the left hand side, so it's easy to use.

The print is large enough to easily read, the photos are wonderful, and I especially enjoyed reading the actor's biographies.

This is truly a trip down memory lane. Looking at the photos was like being in front of the TV again watching the program. I could identify the story line from some of the pictures.

I was amazed to see that Burt Reynolds had been on the series for a time. And quite a few other stars came for short visits. They have photos of them and interviews with most about Gunsmoke's influence on their careers.

Many of these performers have died by now, but their pictures and their actions will always rest in memories.

This would make a very special gift for someone who also enjoyed the series. It's still playing on TV Land.

Give them their own little piece of history that they can pick up again and again and remember "the good ole days".

This book comes in the CD edition or as a coffee table book. If you'd like to buy a copy, visit www.50YearsofGunsmoke.com .

Jo Ann Hakola
Las Cruces, NM
Proud Member of IOBA, Independent Online Booksellers Association

You Can Teach Shakespeare To Children
Five Star Amazon Review

Shakespeare To Teach Or Not To Teach: A Teacher's Manual, can be used with elementary to high school students, and is suitable for use in classroom, drama club and homeschool settings. Teachers and parents need not be anxious over teaching Shakespeare anymore. Shakespeare To Teach Or Not To Teach, can be used in conjunction with any Shakespeare play, but works very well with Shakespeare For Children: The Story of Romeo and Juliet or one of the six productions in the Sixty-Minute Shakespeare series. Beginning with basic information of Shakespeare, the time period (both his plays and when they were performed), what took place on and backstage in The Globe theater, To Teach Or Not To Teach puts the teacher at ease with the material and builds confidence to present Shakespeare to his or her students. To Teach Or Not To Teach provides excellent instructional ideas to make the plots and characters come alive for the students. From just reading through play, or acting it out to activities reaching past the typical Language Arts or English class assignments and crossing the core curriculum subjects.

Tammy Litke

Great for Middle to High School Students
Five Star Amazon Review

The Sixty-Minute Shakespeare series will allow middle and high school students to discover and love what made Shakespeare great. Using original language but abridged so that it is not academically frightening for the students or the teacher. Abridged in an engaging and approachable style.

Tammy Litke

The Topic? Alzheimer's Disease. The Irony? It's a nonstop page-turner

5.0 out of 5 stars
I was lucky enough to finally meet this author. Her exuberant personality is woven into every page of this book. I read her first novel...and thought that was amazing, but I must say, As Nora Jo Fades Away is in a league all its own. I read it the day after purchase and have already recommended it to everyone from my neighbor to my kid's soccer coach. This memoir has all the makings of great fiction, a TV show, a movie...real life. The humor and heartbreak are virtually inseparable. Cerasoli's writing style leaves you knowing and feeling everything as if you are that fly on the wall. And even in times of turmoil (of which this book has many) you still want to be that fly. Her writing is that engaging. Have loaned the book to a friend and plan on round two directly upon its return. This is a must read for anyone who...well, anyone who reads.

Ms. Marie
April 29, 2010

I admit that I have a special place in my heart for the stars who graced my television as a young child, the likes of Debbie Reynolds, Dick Clark, James Garner, Stefanie Powers and more. When I reflect on those days, I never really thought about them 'whipping up' something in the kitchen. They seemed far removed from my every day world.

This cookbook is a collection of their favorites, what dish their mothers or grandmothers prepared that they hold near and dear to their heart. The first thing that struck me is that the recipes are mostly of simpler foods. I think I was expecting foie gras and truffles, I'm chuckling as I think about this. The paparazzi machine always showed us their high life complete with ultra expensive restaurants. I wasn't expecting quiche, corn puddin' or cucumber salads. It provides a lens into the relaxed side of these well-known personalities. I love it!

May 07, 2010

Legends in the Kitchen: Celebrity Recipes for a Cause, compiled by Mrs. Howard Keel & Linda F. Radke, is a fun, down to earth cookbook with recipes from some of my favorite stars down through the years. This cookbook really took me back in the day, featuring stars I remember from my childhood; we watched a lot of older movies and shows with stars like Debbie Reynolds, Stefanie Powers, Betty White, James Garner, Dick Clark, Burt Reynolds, Andy Williams, etc...If you're looking for a cookbook that's slightly different and lighthearted….one that is relaxing to look through….I definitely recommend Legends in the Kitchen.

by Mel
Mama Buzz
April 22, 2010

Remember the Alibi by Elizabeth Daniels Squire

Imagine a woman who is good at solving mysteries, but who can't remember anything. No, really!

This is a Peaches Dann mystery, and Peaches definitely has a memory problem. But she also seems to find herself in the middle of murder mysteries.

The story begins with what appears to be a series of suicides - all using sleeping pills. But each of the suicide notes seem to be almost the same. Suddenly it appears it may be a serial killer. Especially when the dead people seem to have withdrawn all their money right before they died...

Then Peaches finds out that her father may be the next victim and all her family and friends turn into suspects. Who of those people she knows could do such a thing?

It's a bit like a cozy mystery, but it romps along quickly and you keep rooting for Peaches, who does have her challenges.

This book was provided by Five Star Sleuths. This is the second book in this series. If you like good light mysteries, try Peaches Dann.

Jo Ann Hakola
Proud Member of IOBA, Independent Online Booksellers Association

Cookbook roundup: Fresh, healthy, light and delicious

This collection showcases the variety of cookbooks currently on the market. You'll find books by local and national celebrity chefs, trusted and unbiased culinary professionals, and celebrities seeking to raise funds for charity. And the subjects encompass a wide range — light and healthy eating, Amish baking, meals for vegetarian and omnivore alike, and delicious soups and desserts...

"Potluck Survival Guide: Care & Feeding of the Athletic Supporter" (Five Star Publications, $24.95) is a collection of recipes for young and old alike. Perfect for tailgates, scout events, church dinners, school celebrations, and family gatherings, this recipe collection can be prepared in a number of ways to please a variety of palates. Author Cherie Kimmons goes beyond recipes. She includes tips for feeding younger children and nutritional considerations for student athletes. There are also entertaining suggestions and sources for hard-to-find ingredients.

Anne-Marie Seltzer
The Arlington Advocate
April 08, 2010

Cookbook roundup: Fresh, healthy, light and delicious

This collection showcases the variety of cookbooks currently on the market. You'll find books by local and national celebrity chefs, trusted and unbiased culinary professionals, and celebrities seeking to raise funds for charity. And the subjects encompass a wide range — light and healthy eating, Amish baking, meals for vegetarian and omnivore alike, and delicious soups and desserts...

... Dick Clark, Stephanie Powers, Dennis Weaver, and Victoria Principal are among the celebrities and dignitaries who contributed their favorite recipes to "Legends in the Kitchen: Celebrity Recipes for a Cause" (Five Star Publications, 2010; $17.95). Proceeds benefit the nonprofit Motion Picture & Television Fund, which has served the entertainment industry with a variety of services since 1921. Judy Keel, wife of the late actor Howard Keel, and Linda Radke, president of Five Star Publications, compiled this charming, humorous, and often heartfelt cookbook.

Anne-Marie Seltzer
The Arlington Advocate
April 08, 2010

HEALING STONES AND GARDENS is a unique DVD and postcard gift set created by Colorado- based photographer Sherry Black and stoneworker Everett Buss. Soothing images of peaceful gardens and colorful,multidimensional stones fade in and out in an artistic display, accompanied by tranquil sounds of nature—shifting the mind fromleft to right brain thinking. In this process, the viewers are freed fromanxiety, stress and the trappings of our everyday lives. Okay, so it might not be as calming as actually being outdoors in nature, but it justmay be the next best thing—even therapists have found the DVD to help with patients suffering fromanxiety disorder, learning disabilities and depression.

Kristin Miller
Denver Life Magazine
April/May 2010

Denver Life on Facebook

In 2008, I published a children's book entitled "Where Do We Go?" a good grief book. Due to the subject matter I felt a traditional publisher would not devote the extra time in order to seek out specific target audiences, so I self published. Unfamiliar with the industry in general, as I'm a retired businessman-not an author by trade, I floundered around for a year, or so, trying to peddle the book. Eventually, I realized I needed help. I went on line and plucked a local PR firm from the pool. What a nightmare! Instead of promoting the book, which I thought was the way to go-from a business perspective, they promoted me, by having me write some articles for publication. The theory is to build up credibility and a following and the book will follow on the coat tails. Wrong! The commitment to have the articles published in a minimum number of appropriate magazines, and the like, was met by postings in obscure publications. It was an expensive lesson. Next, I was referred to another PR firm with a similar philosophy-promote me, rather than the book. They actually did a very nice job, but their site followers and my contacts were the only ones to see the piece-and my contacts already know me. The result...no result. Armed with what I had learned, I headed back to the internet to find the right company for my book. As they say, the third time is a charm. I found Five Star Publications, located in Chandler, AZ. Linda Radke, the owner, is just what the doctor ordered-and more. She has not only coddled and guided me on "How to…"-as I still don't know what I'm doing, she has gone above and beyond my greatest expectations. Results, BINGO! I've had an endless stream complementary book reviews, listings all over the place, and sales are starting to pick up. Win-win. If you'd care to view my website-that she revamped, www.GoodGriefBook.com. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


AEI Client Lisa Cerasoli's On The Brink Of Bliss And Insanity:Finalist in the 2009 Book of the Year Awards

2009 Book of the Year Award Finalists Announced. ForeWord Reviews is pleased to announce the finalists in the 2009 Book of the Year Awards. The finalists, representing 360 publishers, were selected from 1,400 entries in 60 categories. These books are examples of independent publishing at its best. The winners will be announced at a special program at BookExpo America in New York City on May 25th 2010. The winners of the two Editor's Choice Prizes will be awarded $1,500 each.

Arizona's Own Radio Legend - 5.0 out of 5 stars
This is Dave Pratt's true success story about beating the odds to become the top radio personality in Arizona, who has also been recognized nationally for his hard work and creativity to be among the very best in the business. Dave's account of his drive and commitment to climb the ladder and ultimately attain this goal was both descriptive and very entertaining.

If you know of Dave Pratt, heard of Dave Pratt or admire him for his offerings as a radio personality, this book will shed light on the man both in the limelight and behind the scenes to understand what makes him tick. Dave is a guy who loves his job in radio and who gives everything he's got to be the best. The book also clearly describes the dedication to his "loyal listeners" and his vow to give back to them for their support by answering all of their correspondence - regardless of how big the pile may be. He could hire someone to answer mail but Dave views that as unfair. He will respond to everyone personally - Even if this means working long hours into the night - night after night. There are passages describing his public appearances where he will shake hands and sign autographs until every last fan has been taken care of. Dave's character, his honesty, discipline and love definitely set him apart from any other radio personality in the business.

I live in Seattle but looked forward to my annual Arizona vacation and listening to the morning mayor whenever he was within earshot. Dave's inherent talent for new program content consistently cracked me up and he had a way of making my vacations memorable and was great to read this book and learn more about Dave outside of radio. Many may not realize Dave's love of family and the joy they bring him every day. The chapter covering his bout with cancer at such a young age - the pain this caused for his wife and kids literally had me in tears. Not only is Dave at the top of his game as a radio personality, his writing style and delivery are also second to none.

Sections of the book covering his time with The Sex Machine Band, another with memories from listeners and another describing many of his interviews with music legends was all very funny and depicted Dave Pratt exactly as I perceive him. Dave is currently on a temporary hiatus from radio and there are thousands of loyal fans who anxiously await his return. He is a gifted radio personality and any radio station fortunate to get him on board will have scored a major coup.

I read a lot of books - 50 to 60 a year and reading is definitely my passion. There are very few that have ended up on a shelf reserved for my all time favorites but Dave Pratt - 30 Years Behind The Mic is now right there amongst the cream of the crop.

Rick Holt
March 15, 2010

I literally get hundreds of pitches in a month and few excite me, and yes I give them all consideration. Some I actually re-write their letters and tell them to attempt a re-pitch! This is a topic I can stand behind. Thanks for the opportunity. [Read this sucessful pitch.]

Carrie Stuckmann

I think this is one of the greatest pitches I have ever had. It is a PERFECT fit for my blog and I would love to review the books. Would you also be interested in a giveaway? And would you like me to pass this pitch along with other interested bloggers? I am so excited to work with you and wanted to thank you for reaching out to me! [Read this sucessful pitch.]

Brittany Greer

Where Do We Go by It's so rare these days to find professionals, in any field, that genuinely care about their patients, clients, and so on.... I happen to be fortunate enough to have a GREAT friend/lawyer, another who's an estate planner/lawyer, and I'm thrilled with my dogs' vet's. Anyway, I consider you among the elite group.

James F. Weinsier
author of Where Do We Go

Great Gift!
Bought this as a gift for my dad for Christmas. He loved it! Can't stop thanking me for it.
January 30, 2010
J. J. Green

The Misadventures of a Roving Cartoonist This is the posthumously-published autobiography of Tom Gill, who created 135 of the 145 Lone Ranger comic books launched by Dell in 1948. The book does not focus solely on the Lone Ranger, as it is a firsthand account of an artist who toured military bases and hospitals all over the world as part of a troupe of comic creators (including Mort Walker of Beetle Bailey and Al Capp of Li'l Abner). A curious and mildly adventurous man, Bill took delight in some of the more risqué episodes in his travels. The book is light, but it's charming and entertaining. And it includes some extra material on the various artists mentioned that is written by Gill's collaborator, Tim Lasiuta.

Henry Cabot Beck
True West Magazine

Granted! Granted! Author Offers Five Tips to Assist Arizona Teachers with Navigating the Grant Writing Process

"Taylor's book provides a step-by-step guide through the grant writing process, including useful forms, helpful suggestions and plenty of encouragement."

February 4, 2010
Arizona's Public Schools Making a Difference Every Day!
... this story was also picked up the Arizona Education Association

Granted! First of all, I wanted to thank you both for getting me the opportunity to be on School Solutions. It was a lot of fun.

Also, I am not sure how all this works but I clicked onto CHANNEL 12 SCHOOL SOLUTIONS and watched my first interview with Kim Covington. I thought the following might be helpful to possibly adding that video to www.CafeGranted.com The link could be copied and was http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid42804637001?bclid=35249324001&bctid=64834434001

February 5, 2010
Chris Taylor, author of
Granted! A Teacher's Guide to Writing and Winning Classroom Grants

A fine mystery writer with a twist - Five Stars!

I confess. I knew Liz Squire long before she was writing mysteries. I will also tell you that I read every one of her books as they came out, and thoroughly enjoyed each Peaches adventure. I have never been in western North Carolina, but I feel I know a lot about the people and the countryside from reading Liz's Peaches Dann series, and I also learned a lot about how not to forget to do things. I highly recommend her books and am really sorry that she is no longer with us to see how much her work is still appreciated.

January 1, 2010
Jack Sanders
Ridgefield, CT USA

Rattlesnake Rules Have you ever seen a rattlesnake? Have you ever heard one rattle? Rattlesnakes have gotten a bad reputation over the years, mostly because they are misunderstood. Yes, they do pose a hazard to people, but they are part of God's creation and serve a useful purpose, part of which is eating rats and mice which can carry diseases harmful to humans. Author Conrad J. Storad, a long time resident of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, helps children learn more about these fascinating creatures by presenting in poetic form what a mother rattlesnake might tell her young ones about rules for hunting, eating, and warning, and also rules for humans to keep safe. The eye-catching illustrations by Nathaniel P. Jensen, which remind me of Disney snakes like Kaa of The Jungle Book and Sir Hiss of Robin Hood, help to bring the book alive. Can you guess what a rattlesnake uses its forked tongue for?

Storad, a journalist, has long been fascinated by the diversity of plants and animals that live in the desert. Among his previous 32 science and nature books are Meerkats, the Arizona Book Publishing Association's "Arizona Best Book of 2008;" Don't Call Me a Pig! (A Javelina Story); Desert Night Shift (A Pack Rat Story); Lizards for Lunch (A Roadrunner's Story); and Don't Ever Cross That Road (An Armadillo Story). The back of Rattlesnake Rules contains several pages of "Rattlesnake Fast Facts," "Rattlesnake Fun Facts," "Rattlesnake Mysteries," "Rattlesnake Myths Vs. Facts," "Words to Learn," and a useful "Rattlesnake Rules Curriculum Guide" provided by librarian and teacher Jean Kilker with suggested activities that will help parents and teachers reinforce the material in the book. This is a really neat and fun book that should prove to be a good resource in children's science reading.

Wayne S. Walker
SFC Book Review

Meet "The Attitude Girl"

"'Sometimes it pays to have a little attitude.

So says Brooklyn resident Mila Bernadkin, who penned the award-winning book, 'The Attitude Girl...'

The Attitude Girl' has already won several awards... Just a few weeks ago, Bernadkin was named a first place winner in the Teenage/Young Adult category for the 'The Attitude Girl' at the 2009 London Book Festival."

by Michèle De Meglio

The Misadventures of a Roving CartoonistTom Gill This book is so appropriately titled. One would never guess a cartoonist would be seeing so much of the world, but reading about Tom Gill's travels in addition to his wonderful escapades as a cartoonist is a fun and enlightening read...

The camaraderie Gill shared with other cartoonists such as Mad Magazine's Jack Menelsohn, Teena's Hilda Terry, Mort Walker of Beetle Baily fame, and Ham Fisher's Joe Palooka and others make up a fascinating part of book.

Diana Saenger

Stinky Little Scroungy
Stinky Little Scroungy

Most of the accompanying illustrations in this book are real photographs of the animals who live on the farm. Just a few of Samuel Lopez's signature illustrations are in there. But these photographs bring a strong sense of truth and reality to the story.

The story demonstrates the kind of cruelty to animals that exists in this world, and shows how love and compassion can bring about miracles. It's a great learning tool for children. [more]

Our Orphaned Owls
Our Orphaned Owls

This is another book that is great for teaching children how to be compassionate toward animals. They learn how to care for birds, as well as a glimpse into the life cycle of the owl. It will make a good addition to any scientific study about birds in general, or specifically owls. [more]

The Miracle of the Little Kitten
The Miracle of the Little Kitten

The story uses a mix of child-like illustrations, interspersed with real photographs of Miracle. I think children will enjoy the illustrations and go crazy for the adorable pictures of the baby kitten.

The book can be used to teach children to be compassionate toward animals. It can also be a springboard for discussion about care of kittens. [more]

The Three-Legged Kitten The Three-Legged Kitten

This book is a great example of the mission of the Little Five Star division of the Five Star Publication company. Their goal is to teach children to be tolerant of diversity and differences, as well as to learn the consequences of their decisions.

Children can see how even a perceived disability does not necessarily mean that one is limited. Though Tri-Ike is missing a leg, she is still able to run and frolic like any other cat. This can lead to a conversation about disabilities in humans, as well.

The story also teaches how to care for animals, no matter what, and to love them.

Again, Samuel Lopez provides colorful illustrations that will appeal to children. The end of the book is filled with real photographs of the real-life Tri-Ike, playing and having fun. You can't help but fall in love with her spunk and vitality. [more]

Andrea Coventry
December 8, 2009

Samuel Lopez Author Samuel Lopez Talks About His Compassionate Pet Sanctuary with Assocated Content

I received copies of the first four books in the True Stories About Saving Animals series by Samuel Lopez, as part of my association with BookPleasures.com. The first four books in the series were sent to me: The Miracle of the Little Kitten, The Three-Legged Kitten, Stinky Little Scroungy, and Our Orphaned Owls. The stories are about animals actually found and rehabilitated at the Compassionate Animal Sanctuary. Illustrations include drawings by Samuel Lopez, as well as real photographs of the animals in the stories throughout their journeys.
Andrea Coventry
Associated Content
Sat January 9th, 2010

Billy the Kid

I really hope that Ms. Martin continues on with the Luke and Jenny series. They are entertaining and full of little known facts about the Wild West and its colorful characters. I honestly can't say this book is good for any certain age as I found this book to be a good read for all. [more]

Sandra Heptinstall
Whispering Winds Book Reviews

Inside the Minds of Card Dealers Next time I step onto a dealer's lot, I'm going armed with insider information. Inside the Minds of Car Dealers is a new book written by Ray Lopez, a former car salesman with thirty years of experience in numerous dealerships. Inside the Minds of Car Dealers is, as the title suggests, a 118-page insight into the mind of a car salesman, and contains engagingly-written explanations of what goes on behind the curtain at a car dealer, so to speak. Inside the Minds of Car Dealers offers tips on how to find a good dealer before you even leave the house, explains the head games salesmen play and how they can spot a so-called "auto expert" a mile away-and take him or her for even more money than they will the average consumer.
Christopher Jackson
Elepent Automotive Reviews

International Book Awards Two prestigious international book festivals recently honored three Five Star Publications' authors.

The 2009 London Book Festival named Mila Bernadkin first place winner in the Teenage/Young Adult category for The Attitude Girl which follows outspoken, materialistic 17-year-old Vicky on her rocky road to adulthood.

The 2009 New England Book Festival awarded Honorable Mention to Linda F. Radke and Ray Lopez in the "How To" category. [more]

Powers GardenDianne Ebertt Beeaff USA Book News

Power's Garden by Dianne Ebertt Beeaff
Finalist in Fiction & Literature:
Historical Fiction

Dylan Peters I wanted to let you know that we are featuring Tic Talk by Dylan Peters as our Children's Book of the Week! Our interview with Dylan contains a link to purchase his book on Amazon.com. You can find Dylan's interview here.

Feel free to send this link (and a link to Commitment) to your friends and colleagues, and to post it on your website, Facebook page, etc. We are working hard to provide women with a site containing content that is relevant to women's lives - please help us spread the word!

I look forward to featuring more of your authors on CommitmentNow.

Andrea Weinstein

Ray LopezInside the Minds of Car Dealers THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything you've done to promote my book. I am grateful beyond words. This has turned out to be even better than I had thought!

Ray Lopez, Executive Producer
The Good Life Group, LLC
Film, Theatre, Publishing

Rattlesnake Rules Gobs of Giveaways

My sister sent this through. She's signed up for mail from this site.
Marketing magic is brewing in Arizona.


Fans of Rattlesnake RulesMost people who know me know that I am a book lover who gets true pleasure from reading a book. Most recently, I've begun reading and reviewing more children's books and I've found that I love them just as much. The true perk? Sharing my love of books with my second generation of children.

I received "Rattlesnake Rules" by Conrad J. Storad and read it to my children a few nights ago. This easy-to-read book relays the rules of dealing with rattlesnakes from the snake's point of view. It's genius! I enjoyed the book so much that I've already told three people about it.

My children were really into it as well. It was obvious they liked the book because while I read they asked clarifying questions or pointed out things they noticed and understood. My two middle children absorbed the information about rattlesnakes and also understood the warning to humans regarding what to do if encountering a rattler.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Nathaniel P. Jensen and one of the best features of it is the glossary of information in the back that includes rattlesnake facts, mysteries, myths and vocabulary words along with a curriculum guide.

"Rattlesnake Rules" gets a definite two thumbs up.

Petula Renee Wright
It's a Woman's World

Una VidaA tour of New Orleans and the people who made and make it special

Una Vida is a masterpiece of plot development and the name of the lead character in this remarkable novel. Dr. Bazan introduces us to the interstices of the troubled mind of Una Vida (One Life) a wonderful early jazz singer from New Orleans who now has Alzheimer's disease. While she cannot always recognize those who care for her or love her, her recall of the early Jazz music and those who created it Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind leads her to sing openly along the frequently walked byways of her home. As we meet the companions on her journey we are taken on a tour of that magnificent city, its early history, the remarkable story of the free blacks who lost their rights in the post-Civil War Jim Crow era and the impact of segregation of the development of Jazz. Occasional introductions of seemingly unrelated works of art drive you to search the Web for more background. And then, as we watch the impact of Una Vida on those who grow to love her or who have loved her for decades we are humanized to gain more understanding and a sense of participation in her journey and the journeys of those, similarly troubled, who surround us. I could not put it down and read it in one thrilling day.

October 13, 2009
Amazon.com Five Star Review
David S. Papermaster, MD.
Solomon Professor of Vision Research and Eye Diseases, Emeritus
University of Connecticut Health Center
Farmington CT 06030-3401

The Economical Guide to Self Publishing The world of self-publishing is exploding, with thousands of authors taking the plunge into this exciting endeavor every month. The rewards can be great, but so too, can be the risks. The budding self-publisher must be careful and spend his/her money wisely, particularly in these tough economical times. Fortunately, Linda F. Radke has come to the rescue with her newly updated book, The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing, to safely guide authors through the ins and outs of publishing, while also advising where to spend, how much to spend, and when not to spend those hard earned dollars.

The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing breaks down the rather confusing and mutli-step task of publishing a book into simple to understand sections beginning with editing a manuscript all the way through publication and, just as important but so often overlooked by new authors, marketing. What makes this book stand out from so many of the other books offered to aspiring authors is that Radke includes sections on many of the tools authors will need to successfully run their own business. In clear, concise, easy-to-understand language, the author gives an overview of various items including printers, invoices, banking, prepayment options, contracts, mailing list sources, shipping, flyers, and even how to be a good guest on TV as well as a myriad of other topics. Of course, Radke also covers the more common subjects such as copyright, where to get an ISBN, cover design and press releases.

The author includes several essays written by others (an editor, typesetter, publicist, etc.) who offer their valuable expertise. The one I found particularly interesting was 'When Disaster Strikes, Strike Back!' by Lynda Exley. Written about her and her son's experience with promoting their book, this essay is funny and yet, informative. Every author will likely relate to their mistakes while promoting a book.

Of course, the title of this book implies money saving ideas and the text doesn't disappoint. Getting free publicity is something every author wants and Radke offers tips on how to proceed to clinch an interview. The author also looks at other ways to save money such as using short print runs; the importance of printing bids; partnership publishing; and co-opportunities. Indeed, throughout The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing, there are countless tips to control the budget of the new author.

Quill says:
Get a copy of this book before you delve into the world of self-publishing.
Review Date: October 2009
Reviewed by: Holly Connors

"This book is dedicated to Jazz Purr, the real Mr. Twiddles, who is now taking catnaps in Cat Heaven. The book is also dedicated to all the children of Liberia, West Africa. The proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to build schools and clinics in rural areas of Liberia so children impoverished by an eighteen-year war can obtain a free education."

-Excerpted from the Dedication (page 5)
"Clara is a housekeeper who is a cat-whisperer of sorts, because she has been capable of communicating with felines ever since the day she was rewarded with VSP, aka Very Special Powers, for rescuing seven kittens that were drowning. So, you can imagine the surprise of Mr. Twiddles the day Clara shows up to clean the home of his owners, Mr. Bill and Miss Mary.

"For when Twiddles starts to complain about all the racket the new maid is making with her vacuum cleaner and brooms and buckets, he gets the surprise of his life when she suddenly responds to him, and senses that she understands his every meow. Being very protective of his turf, Twiddles still decides to disrupt Clara as she goes about her work.

"The battle of wills which ensues animates the balance of Clara Meets Mr. Twiddles, a charming children's tale designed with kids 4-8 years of age in mind. The story was written by Lynnette A. Murray-Gibson, a long-time resident of Minnesota who drew on her own experiences as a housekeeper for inspiration. Born in Monrovia, Liberia, Ms. Gibson embarked on this project in part as a philanthropic effort to benefit orphans of the civil war back in her homeland in need of education.

"When read aloud, Clara Meets Mr. Twiddles sounds a lot like Dr. Seuss, as the dialogue frequently adopts a similar sing-song staccato, such as when Clara announces: "I've brought brooms and buckets and mops and brushes. I've got vacuums and rags and sprays and polish. I sweep and dust and mop and scrub." As for the illustrations, the colorful airbrushed artwork is pleasant and ubiquitous, with cute cat paw prints appearing even on the pages with just words."

"Overall, a delightful book made all the more fun when you know that the author plans to donate the proceeds to a very good cause."

Kam Williams
August 12, 2009
About Kam Williams


The Sly Fox Film Reviews publishes the content of film critic Kam Williams. Voted Best Male Entertainment Journalist of the Decade by the Disilgold Soul Literary Review in 2006, Mr. Williams is a syndicated film and book critic who writes for 100+ publications around the U.S. and Canada. He is a member of the New York Film Critics Online, Rotten Tomatoes, the African-American Film Critics Association, and the NAACP Image Awards Nominating Committee. In addition to a BA in Black Studies from Cornell, he has an MA in English from Brown, an MBA from The Wharton School, and a JD from Boston University.

"Linda Radke is a personable professional who comes through on her promises to clients and colleagues alike. Book Expo is an event unlike any other with 25,000 to 35,000 people in attendance from all over the world in a four day period. Sharing a booth with Linda, having her represent my clients; representing her clients takes the experience from exhausting to exhilarating! It is a pleasure to recommend Linda Radke to those who would like to publish their first book."

Year first hired: 1997 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Carole V. Bartholomeaux, President
Bartholomeaux Public Relations, LLC
Creating marvelous images for our wonderful clients for more than 25 years!

A letter Five Star Publications recently received from Len Schritter:

Did you know Linda, that your little publishing company is in a unique position of changing peoples lives. I don't know about your other authors, but to me, you have changed my life. These last two years have been amazing. What was once drab, dull and boring is now full of excitement, fun and promise. Thank you.

Len Schritter
"The Secret Life of a Snowbird" www.SecretLifeofaSnowbird.com


Fifteen years ago, I was a Girl Scout leader, a volunteer for many church groups, and a cook for a huge gathering of people. There was a time where both of my daughters were involved in six after-school activities each. These social activities took place after swim meets, dance recitals, and ALL GIRL LITTLE LEAGUE.

That's only a few to mention, there were a variety of social functions, including camp-outs. The first thing that came to mind after reading Cherie Kimmon's fantastic cookbook is that my only regret with this survival guide is not having it back then. This is not only a great cookbook to expand your culinary horizons, but is also the perfect gift for anyone who needs to cook, whether it's for one person, or a group of people. I highly recommend this cookbook to beginner cooks, and experienced cooks as well.

This cookbook is intelligent, and the recipes are simple and delicious. Cornbread stuffing, pasta, and casseroles are appreciated by moms, and grandparents. Meatloaf, soups, and sandwiches were old time favorites from many children I knew. This book is delightful to read as it covers appetizers to incredible desserts. The chicken dinners, salad bar, and hamburger bar will be enjoyed by athletes, and anyone else who's hungry. For a tasty, additional variety. Cherie includes a waffle bar, and a sundae bar. Who would not feast on these mouthwatering bars?

To make reading easy on the eyes, Cherie includes special notes for each recipe, along with helpful hints, and tips on festive decorating ideas. The author includes servings for one person to twenty-five guests, and offers suggestions for dessert topping. It's impossible for the reader to get bored, after looking at awesome illustrations per page. Guidelines for pre-game and post-game meals are included, and the recipes will be enjoyed by athletes, and any social gathering in which large groups of people meet. Cherie Kimmon's step-by-step illustration of the cooking process is a comprehensive, practical presentation of great recipes that should be given to all moms. This book is packed with basic information on measurements and cooking time for tasty,and easy to prepare dishes. "THE POTLUCK SURVIVAL GUIDE: Care & Feeding Of The Athletic Supporter" is as informative as THE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING ILLUSTRATED COOKBOOK: America's Bestselling Step-By-Step Cookbook, with more than 1400 recipes.

Author Geri Ahearn

The Irwin AwardHollywood group names Arizona publisher
'Book Marketer of the Year'

Linda F. Radke, president of Five Star Publications based in Chandler, Arizona, has been named "Book Marketer of the Year" by Book Publicists of Southern California. [more]

Housekeeper/Philantropist's Pet Project Wins First Place At Hollywood Book Festival

Clara Meets Mr. Twiddles: The Magical Adventures of Clara the Cleaning Lady, the delightful story of a cleaning lady with very special powers and her new friend, a cranky, territorial cat, won first place in the children's book category at the 2009 Hollywood Book Festival. [more]

Teen Voices Online
Young author Elizabeth Golden was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 14. We talked to her about her book, When Life Throws You a Curve, which discusses her struggle with scoliosis, and how it has helped her through her journey to success.
Teen Voices Online Interview

Being a part of BEA was awesome! I enjoyed so much meeting everybody, and I wish all of you the best. I'd like to praise Five Star's team for their hard work, commitment and dedication. They don't just work with you; they listen to you and consider your needs and feelings. Thanks, Five Star Publications, for giving us a sense of achievement and accomplishment and for making this exhilarating experience possible.
Mila Bernadkin
The Attitude Girl

Thomas C. Adler thanks Five Star for all of their hard work and dedication to each author. Thomas C. Adler was impressed with the organization of Five Star, as well as their ability to network with important companies. All the authors were very friendly and professional, and it appears everyone will do very well in their endeavor. It is obvious that Five Star does not just take anyone (except for maybe Thomas C. Adler), as each author showed fine substance of character and literature. Thanks to Five Star for this opportunity of a lifetime.
Thomas C. Alder
Campingly Yours

What a fun time we had. It was so joy-filled to have met all of you. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors and God's wonderful blessings and favor be with you and your family. I had a blast at BEA and I sincerely hope you all did. It was an experience I will never forget.
Sincerely, Lynnette
Lynnette Murray-Gibson
The Magical Adventures of Clara the Cleaning Lady: Clara Meets Mr. Twiddles

Lights....Action.....Book Expo 2009! Loved every minute of it!

Four days in New York City filled with two of my favorite things-people and books-who could ask for anything more? You know you're in the right career when you spend day after day meeting & greeting, movin', groovin' & networking (meanwhile you forget to eat and your feet feel like they've spent a few rounds in a boxing ring....and lost), and all you feel is HAPPY at day's end.

I've been asking myself how I've been graced with a career that not only allows me to express myself fully (and I do mean FULLY), but also enables me to meet such fine, diverse, intelligent people and take me to NYC, too-and I just keep thinking; damn, I must be the luckiest chick alive! I mean, of course, now I want to move to New York City. And I have book ideas bursting from every cell of my being, and I'm trying to figure out how to talk a small town family of five into moving to the Big Apple and letting me bury myself in work for the next fifteen years, but that's for another time.

Until then, infinite thanks to Linda Radke, the president of Five Star Publications, Sue DeFabis, Jennifer Christensen, Lowell Radke, Jim Harris and everyone at this stand-out company for your generosity and this amazing opportunity. You are tireless-composed entirely of elbow grease, intelligence and dazzling smiles. It was a privilege to finally meet you and some of your uniquely entertaining and talented "cast of authors."

Being at Book Expo America 2009 was like going to Paris in the spring with my top ten books, an endless supply of Pino Noir, and the Lover(s) of my choice-it was simply exhilarating!!
Peace out-
Lisa Cerasoli
On The Brink of Bliss and Insanity

Five Stars
A great new cat book, with a supernatural twist.

Mr. Twiddles is a rather self-centered cat who thinks his entire home is his to rule. Then he runs into Clara the Cleaning Lady. She has the magical ability to carry on a conversation with Mr. T. and she ignores his demands for her to leave and quit disturbing him. He tries several times to sabotage her cleaning, but she cheerfully goes about her work in cleaning, dusting and other duties as if he wasn't there. She finally decides to run a hand vacuum over "his chair" and he is won over. Maybe she isn't so bad after all and they make their peace. The illustrations are well done and the story itself keeps you interested. This is the first of what might be a series of Clara and Mr. Twiddles adventures and should delight any child or adult who reads the book.

June 9, 2009
By J T Cooper
Marietta, GA USA

Born into a family of farmers and a dropout from school at age sixteen with absolutely no recollection of parental hugs, or the words we desperately need to hear repeatedly from childhood to adult, "I Love You!"

The eyes of Darryl E. Robidoux witnessed poverty during childhood, hard labor, and the lack of one of the most important human needs in life which normally stems from birth through adult, love.

Knowing farm life wasn't for him and determined to change the lifestyle he once lived, while carrying the insensitivity of not knowing what love is on his shoulders, he moved on. He walked on the road to success, without looking back. He lived what he learned.

We make choices in life, unintentionally; those choices are sometimes not always the right ones.

When we start at the bottom, there's only one place to go, climb the ladder to the top.

With motivation and determination, Darryl reached for the stars. He sought perfection, not fame, but fortune. He studied engineering in college, then computer science, and became a great asset to Xerox while the company was booming.

Although, he had a wife and children, his work became top priority. Years later, his work became his life. He was obsessed with becoming wealthy, and perfection at the work place was his primary goal. He achieved his goal and retired at age forty as a very successful man. But after he retired, he realized something was missing.

Something, that gives people a reason to live gracefully, and happy as they age. Something that he felt was missing during childhood, something that everyone desperately needs to grow up with.

He realized that life, regardless of wealth, needs to be nourished with love. He realized that the most important necessity in life is one thing we can't buy, while learning that money wasn't everything. The author clearly informs the reader that dedication and motivation are important, and success is wonderful.

He encourages people to educate, and to be who you want to be. Most important, without a doubt, he describes that the golden key is the one to your heart. Without that key, an emptiness will exist, which will forever need to be fulfilled.

I applaud the author for pure honesty, and inspiration to all. I recommend this novel to everyone that seeks to learn from others, for all those who wish to learn how to become successful, and to everyone who wishes to benefit from a story told through experience about the most important roads in life.

The autobiography of Darryl E. Robidoux is as sentimental as RICH MAN, POOR MAN. HOME AFTER DARK captures the heart the same way it does in PRETTY WOMAN and is as passionate as NOTTING HILL with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant!

Monday, June 15, 2009
Geraldine Ahearn AIOM HonDG
author of 6 books
Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board

Hi Linda, I just finished the newsletter and congratulations on all the awards! It says a tremendous amount about Five Star! Oh, Linda, why didn't I take your advice and how I wish I would have published Lilly with you! I went with a different publisher. At first, I was very happy with everything. But now that the project is done, the check is long cashed, I have 3k copies of a book sitting in a warehouse. I have great success when I get out of work and make some school visits but other than that….

The publisher listed me with Ingram, great but not what they said they would do-present to book buyers etc. Barnes and Noble turned me down for in store distribution, has me on the website, Amazon, etc. is all listed.

My problem and question to you….do you have any suggestions for selling this round of books? I am looking perhaps to wholesale them to someone. Just to cover my expenses. I'm sure this is the age old questions, how do we sell them, but wondering if you know of any liquidation avenues.

I feel terrible asking you for help, my publisher should be helping me! Any advice? Thank you!

Scott Jones
Author of The Lilly Adventures!

Five Star Publications Claims Four AZ Book Awards Prizes:

Two Five Star Publications books claimed top prizes at the annual Arizona Book Awards in Phoenix this weekend, and two additional books received recognition as contest finalists. [more]

Honorable Mention in the 2009 San Francisco Book Festival

On The Brink of Bliss and Insanity by Lisa Cerasoli
Winners will be honored in a private ceremony at the Hotel Rex on Friday, May 8

Una Vida "Dr. Bazan's book is beautifully written and reveals the width and depth of his interests as well as his obviously extensive education, not only as a scientist but also as a well-read and erudite individual. Just as an example, during the course of the story, he elaborates on such diverse individuals as Dante, Edison, Goya, Aristotle and Marquez, not to mention a number of jazz greats. His insights into music and culture of Louisiana, particularly New Orleans, are perceptive and enlightening. Even taken purely as a fiction, this would be great reading, and when we add to this mix his insights into human psyche and musings on the human brain, dreams, memory, and more, we end with a truly powerful book on living, loving and forgiving. I would highly recommend it to anybody whose life has ever been touched by Alzheimer's or any similar disease which affects human brain, as well as to any reader who enjoys intelligently written and relevant fiction. "
March 2009
Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson
Reader Views

I wanted to email you and tell you about the service I received when I was in the process of ordering Dave Pratt's new book.
The staff were very responsive and thorough. It was great to see that customer service is such a high standard for your company. Congrats on an awesome team.
Denise Ekvall Program Manager
Motorola Wellness Center at Diablo
Energized by Club One

"Dave Pratt is the kind of true radio professional all of us in the industry aspire to be. Truly funny and entertaining, speaking with Dave made me realize how powerful radio can be. A force not only for business success, but for humanity as well!"
Mike Savage, KBUR Radio, Burlington, IA

"Simple, colorful illustrations by Dylan's best friend Zachary Wendland drive home this straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is story... A set of ten successful strategies for working with children with Tourette Syndrome and a list of additional resources round out this highly recommended picture book for school libraries and for teaching young people everywhere about Tourette Syndrome."
Hornbook Guide to Children

Five Star Publications, Inc.; I am blown away by your energy, efficiency, excitement, and accessibility. Gary Anderson, you were speedy and insightful throughout our editing process. And Sue Defabis, thanks for the info, emails, that keen proofreading eye, and "laughing out loud" while reading my novel, On the Brink of Bliss and Insanity on the plane. Linda Radke (Madam President), your enthusiasm toward your company and clients is contagious. You work around the clock and are a bounty of fresh marketing ideas. Plus, your company has accommodated my artistic whims beyond my imagination. And speaking of beyond "imagination" and "expectation," the cover of this novel is exactly that. Wow. Thank you, Kris Taft Miller. When I saw your creation, it was "love at first sight." If I had to narrow down my Five Star experience to one word? Exhilarating!

Lisa Cerasoli

Darryl Robidoux Linda...

I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude for a book well done by you and all of the individuals who helped along the way.

I view the book as a piece of great and quality work from the hard cover to the jacket and the interior design. I am sure that if I were to write the book today with the knowledge I have gained, I would write it or edit it in a different manner but the final product is "GREAT" and you all deserve much applause for your efforts.

I have heard nothing but good remarks about the appearance and quality of the book so the public is responding to the exterior appearance, I only hope they accept the contents in the same light.

Now if you are equally successful in marketing the end product in an expeditious and professional manner, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you and all of those who helped in making the book what it is.

With warm regards!

Darryl Robidoux

It is me Tiffany. I was the 1st person in line at the launch party today & the one who lost her camera. The camera has turned up.

I wanted to thank you & your staff for the assistance provided in helping me locate the camera. You were all so professional & kind. I see why Dave chose your company to publish his book. Your company did a extrremely superb job!!!

Thank you again,&
Tiffany McKay

I've had nothing but good experience with the projects I've brought to Five Star Publications , and highly recommend them for their standards of excellence, integrity, clear communication, and determined enthusiasm. Look forward to doing serious business together in the future.

Cheers, Ken Atchity
Atchity Entertainment International, Inc. (AEI)



With 2191 preorders and 1,600-plus books autographed at the recent launch party for Dave Pratt, Behind the Mic: 30 Years in Radio, the throng of fans that showed for Pratt's first local book signing at Graham's Central Station outnumbered the 1,450-plus that attended President-elect Barack Obama's Phoenix-Metro book signing event for The Audacity of Hope, as reported by the New York Times.
"Although Pratt's book launch was only scheduled to last from noon to 5 p.m., Pratt promised to remain on site until every last book was signed, which was around 10 p.m.," states his publisher, Linda Radke of Five Star Publications. "Some folks waited more than seven hours to meet Pratt, and on a couple of occasions, Pratt even used the patient fans' cell phones to call their significant others to explain that, yes indeed, they are still waiting for him to sign books and thank them for their patience." [more}

The last few weeks have brought the delightful news that my good friend and client Nick Bazan, M.D.'s novel and film, UNA VIDA, are both moving forward at last. The novel-check out this great cover-will appear end of the year from Five Star Publications, with Linda Radke, the publisher, hugely excited about its potential and Leeza Gibbons' "Leeza's Place," dedicate to the families of Alzheimer's victims, exploring a cross-promotional tie in with Dr. Bazan, who heads LSU's Neuroscience Institute in New Orleans.

Ladies can always look to fellow women for great advice. In her book Girl Talk: Celebrities and other Extraordinary Women Share Their Secrets (Five Star Publications), Gigi Garner -- who's the daughter of actor James Garner -- compiles tips from women for women that can make life a whole lot easier.

The chick chat ranges from shopping and cleaning tricks, to friend and career advice from fierce females with knowledge in hostage negotiation, clowning, and fire-fighting.

She also got some tips from celebs like Jamie Lee Curtis and Naomi Judd, who reveals that her secret stain removal tool is rubbing alcohol. Garner says, "It's fun to share those things we know and help each other. If I know something cool or a better way to do something, I want to tell my friends about it."
FlashNews Daily Pop Culture Advance
July 31, 2008

"...if you eagerly grabbed the newspaper to read the daily comics; think only of the Lone Ranger when you hear the William Tell Overture; remember the decades after World War II and hearing about USO tours; or are a comic book aficionado that knows no limits -- then this is a book for you and one that you'll enjoy reading."

2008 Carter G. Woodson Award Winner
The most distinguished social science book appropriate for young readers that increases understanding of ethnicity in the United States for Don't Throw Away Your Stick Till You Cross the River-The Journey of An Ordinary Man by Vincent Collin Beach, published by Five Star Publications, Inc. [more]

"Worthwhile things take time". This is something the dedicated folk at "Five Star" know and practice.
The fulfilling of Tom's desire to make known his experiences in a book telling of his USO / NCS travels was much like one of the trips themselves.
While there were no nose diving planes or potential snippers in the path , Linda Radke and her crew sweated out many delays. The journey took two and one half years, but now the fruits of their labors can be shared.
"The Misadventures of a Roving Cartoonist" has been part of my life with Tom since our union in 1996 . Now his dream is a reality and it is a joy to hold the book in my hands. Many thanks to all involved, past , present and future.

As ever,
'trish' Gill

2008 Glyph Winner
Best Cover Design-Children/Young Adult for The Student From Zombie Island: Conquering the Rumor Monster
Five Star Publications, Inc.

Photo by Thomas Boggan, Tribune

Thank you for coming to our school. Everyone enjoyed your reading of the book and are encouraged by your words of encouragement. We all look forward to the next two books.
Mrs. Cottrell and all Hohokam students (Scottsdale, AZ)

Grab this inspiring memoir and get ready to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Thank you so much for your dynamic presentations at Liberty School yesterday. You provided living proof of the ripple effect of reading and writing! Thanks again!
Jeanie Reams
Liberty School

This is a brilliant concept!!!! I am going to tell my "step-son" Max about it. He is constantly making up (gory) stories! Congratulations on finding the young Steinbecks of the future.

Leah Abrahams

The teachers in my building are always looking for places to showcase their student's work. Your contest highlights the importance of creativity in writing and art. In this age of technology, it will be very exciting to be published on-line. Thank you in advance for this wonderful opportunity,
Libby Kahn
Library Media Specialist
Nesaquake Middle School
St. James N.Y.

Linda Radke spoke to aspiring authors January, 2008 at the DORA Lifelong Learning Class, Sun City West, AZ, on publishing their books. Here is what some of the participants had to say:

Linda's enthusiasm and presence speaks louder than her words. Knowledgeable & personable.
Thomas C. Lux, Orlando Park, IL

Your enthusiasm and quality of speaking and organizational sills are appreciated. Good passion & enthusiasm.
Beverly Crandall
Sun City West, AZ
Editor, journalist, Book Reviews, writer, staff writer California newspaper

This is a most helpful presentation. One of the most dynamic, best I've heard on publishing and promotion - and I've attended many conference seminars. Thanks for sharing your expertise.
Greta Manville
Sun City West, AZ

Where Does a Subsidy Publisher Fit In?

Photo by Thomas Boggan, Tribune

We have experienced tremendous success with Five Star Publications -- which is a partnership publisher, and I think the same as Gayle's "subsidy" publisher. I can't speak for all partnership publishers, because they all have their own contracts, rules, etc., but I can tell you that Five Star does reject a lot of manuscripts because they share in the expenses of going to press. Our book, The Student From Zombie Island, is returnable and distributed through Baker & Taylor and Ingram. And when we travel around doing book signings, I have found traditionally published authors drool over all that Five Star has done for us.

With Five Star's Gold and Silver plans, they work to get books carried by library distributors, help line up bookstore visits and school visits and even acts as a speaker's agent, which has given us substantial income. Five Star gives a larger royalty than a Traditional publisher, and if I sell the book myself I get an even bigger piece of the pie. Five Star authors can also participate with co-op tradeshows if they choose to. For a much smaller fee than purchasing your own booth at BEA, the OASIS show, or even the recent ASU Literacy event, etc., Five star authors can pool their resources with co-op agreements and participate in shows that Five Star employees run. The author can be there or not, depending on their schedules. They even did our website for us! I know this sounds like a commercial for Five Star, but really and truly we are just very happy customers. Our book came out last spring, and by the beginning of this year, we had already sold close to 1,500 copies -- and could have sold a lot more if we didn't have to turn down daytime events since my son is the author of the book, and he is still in school.

Don't get me wrong, we work very hard ourselves, also lining up author visits, etc. Partnership publishing only works when both partners work hard at making it work, but I'm very satisfied with my agreement with Five Star, and will not hesitate to do a second book with them. In the eyes of the bookstores, schools, libraries, we are "traditionally published," we just have negotiated a financial arrangement that is more beneficial to both the publisher and ourselves, which isn't really anything a bookstore, library or school should be concerned about, and appears not to care about from our vantage point.

Lynda Exley & Michael Moorehead

Linda Radke spoke to aspiring authors January, 2008 at the Glendale Public Library on publishing their books. Here is what some of the participants had to say:

"I have attended several seminars on publishing. This one is my absolute favorite for many reasons. Linda is personable, has a wealth of knowledge to share, and is exceptionally patient."

"Linda, I really enjoyed the workshop you presented at last night, at the Glendale Foothills library. Your enthusiasm, wealth of knowledge, and charisma made for quite an educational and motivational evening."

"I was particularly interested in your recollections of some of the techniques you used to promote some of your past projects. In looking over your website, it's clear that you have an eye for ways to expand initial ideas into a whole host of divergent opportunities. Thanks for being willing to share your learnings!"

National Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards The American Authors Association gives this book its highest book rating and the Founder's Recommendation! ...The author does a professional job of the writing and of putting this book all together. It is well worth buying and reading it. Readers will find it fascinating and emotionally riveting...[more]

American Authors Association Awards for 2007
for "World War II: A Legacy of Letters - One Soldier's Journey"
Finalist for History in the National Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards
... and Founder's Recommendation!

Dear Ms. Radke:
The Professional Writers of Prescott want to thank you for your wonderful presentation on October 24 entitled "When to Hire a Publicist". Your extensive knowledge of the subject and willingness to share your professional approach to book publication and marketing was greatly appreciated. During the networking discussion your answers to participant questions showed depth and consideration. I found your talk to the main group informative, entertaining and quite moving. Thank you for taking the time to come all the way to Prescott, to share your unique and inspiring approach to book publication and marketing with us.
Mary Ann Kozel, Networking Chairman
Professional Writers of Prescott.

Dear Vincent and Annie:
Just wanted you both to know how much I enjoyed the show yesterday. Vincent's story needs to be distributed especially to our youth: it may help some of them overcome their own obstacles in life. To this end I have placed a permanent link to Vincent's website on my website. It is listed on the top line menu under Invitational.
The Adventure Continues

Dylan, The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada was honoured to have you give the Opening Address at our National Conference recently.
Many of my colleagues questioned my wisdom in inviting someone so young to undertake such an important role. They soon saw what I did. It was a privilege to have you in attendance. We are certain that our members and their families will take you up on your challenge of spreading the message of awareness and tolerance.
Thank you for taking the time to speak with so many of the kids on an individual level and to personalize your book for them. You are truly an inspiration to many.
You should be very proud of your book Tic Talk: Living with Tourette Syndrome, A 9 year-old boy's story in his own words. As you spoke in your presentation the book you wrote allows others with TS to know they are not alone and opens the hearts and minds of those that do not have Tourette Syndrome.
All of us at Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada wish you the very best in your future endeavours and know that you will continue to inspire many.
Rosie Wartecker
Executive Director
Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada

I am so proud of you! I feel I have been with you from the beginning and I know how hard you have worked for your clients. Most advisors tell potential authors that they have to go to New York for success. You have disproved that. I am honored to know you. Thank you so much for all you have done for Arizona authors. I wish you many more years of success!

Barbara Lacy

Spirit Courage and Resolve "Dylan Peters' book, Tic Talk, both personalizes and promotes awareness of Tourette's Syndrome in a way that can be appreciated by even young children. It was a pleasure working with Dylan, his parents and Linda Radke of Five Star Publications in finding out more about their efforts to promote public understanding and tolerance for individual differences."

Head of English and Library
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School
Orleans, Ontario

Spirit Courage and Resolve Linda Radke and her staff at Five Star Publications have not only helped increase sales of our books through their relentless publicity, they have also been responsible for us acquiring numerous speaking engagements and television and radio interviews. Their tireless efforts on behalf of their clients have resulted in our books being sold in every state and twelve different countries. Linda and her assistant, Sue DeFabis at Five Star have helped me understand the power of the internet which I have used to my advantage and have shown much success. Three cheers to Five Star of Chandler, Arizona.

Tom Lambke, Chandler, AZ author of
SPIRIT, COURAGE and RESOLVE ... a Special Olympics Athlete's Road to Gold
and with son, Bryan, co-authors of I JUST AM ... a Story of Down Syndrome Awareness and Tolerance

I'm a member of a website that brings authors and speakers together with the media - www.AuthorsandExperts.com (A website run by Five Star Publications, Inc.) Through my listing, I received a call from a radio station in Providence, Rhode Island. Greg Norman, the founder of universal7radio.com, wanted to do a one-hour phone interview about my new autobiography, Don't Throw Away Your Stick Till You Cross the River.

As my voice is very soft, now in my eighth decade, I bought a new speaker phone, turned off every possible noise-maker in the house, and spent an entire hour on the phone. The interview was broadcast live and also on the internet.

The book is now featured as "Book of the Month" on their website and I've received an invitation to do another interview. Because Five Star has an innovative approach to marketing, this unexpected avenue opened up to me. My thanks to Linda Radke, President of Five Star Publications.

Vincent Beach
Chandler, Arizona

July 28th, 2007
The Money Show:
Author and business woman Ricki Pagano joins Bill Moller to discuss her new book, For the Record - A Personal Facts and Document Organizer.

Dear Michael:
On behalf of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), I would like to thank you for participating in AAUW's Expanding a Legacy of Leadership National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

We appreciate your willingness to conduct a book signing during the convention, for your book, The Student From Zombie Island: Conquering the Rumor Monster. As you know, the purpose of this year's biennial event was to bring together over 1,200 women from around the nation to explore a wide range of issues affecting women and girls. Your participation as a Book Corner author contributed to the success of this mission.

Michael, the AAUW Book Corner is truly a unique highlight of the convention and you being in-person to not only share your ideas, but also personally sign your book, made the convention very special for our guests. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

I wish you continued success, and look forward to collaborating with you again in the future.
Jennifer Linh Steenberg
Development Associate

Thanks to Linda and her staff at Five Star Publications my three year project was finally launched - the result - a first class book and ‘A Legacy' that will last for generations.
Clint Frederick
Author of Legacy of Letters: One Soldier's Journey

11-year-old from Tempe sees manuscript in print

Photo by Thomas Boggan, Tribune
...Michael Moorehead seems to be taking his newfound fame in stride. He's OK with having his photo taken at book signings. He relates well with reporters seeking interviews. He's accommodating — as long as the requests don't interfere with homework or Boy Scout meetings.

Michael, author of the recently released "The Student From Zombie Island: Conquering the Rumor Monsters" ($15.95; Five Star Publications), is only 11.

"He's become a mini-celebrity here," his former second-grade teacher Nancy Lujan says, since he's been doing book-reading appearances at his alma mater, C.I. Waggoner Elementary School in Tempe.

Michael credits Lujan for inspiring him to write; in fact, the book was originally a present to her...
Julie Janovsky
Metro Phoenix's East Valley Tribune

Author thanks teacher who encouraged him

Published author Michael Moorehead is no stranger to rejection, long hours at a desk and years of writing draft after draft in hopes of creating a single piece that will fly off bookshelves.

He returned last month to his alma mater, C.I. Waggoner Elementary, to honor his inspiration, second-grade teacher Nancy Lujan. He presented her with an autographed copy of his book during a student assembly.

Afterward, the sixth-grader walked next door to Kyrene Middle School to resume classes.

Michael's The Student from Zombie Island: Conquering the Rumor Monster depicts an outrageous environment shaped by gossip, assumptions and rumors. The colorfully illustrated children's book is now available in bookstores and online at www.ZombieIslandBooks.com for $15.95...
Georgann Yara
Special for The Republic
May. 10, 2007 12:00 AM

A certain to be popular addition to any community library American Popular Culture collection, "Gunsmoke: An American Institution" is a 'must read...

"In "Gunsmoke: An American Institution", author Ben Costello has provided the legions of fans for America's most popular and long-running television western series with an exhaustive compendium showcasing and celebrating all twenty seasons (comprising a total of 635 episodes) of Matt Dillion and his many friends and foes. Profusely illustrated with literally hundreds of photos about what went on both in front and in back of the cameras, "Gunsmoke" covers the major cast members, as well as the producers, writers and directors, and features an especially insightful interviews with Dennis Weaver, Buck Taylor, and Burt Reynolds. There are even sections featuring Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Highlights; reminisces of distinctive guest stars; Gunsmoke memorabilia, the post-television series Gunsmoke films, and so very much more. A certain to be popular addition to any community library American Popular Culture collection, "Gunsmoke: An American Institution" is a 'must read' for anyone who grew up with Matt Dillion, Miss Kitty, Doc, Chester, Festus, and all the other denizens of Dodge City and the Old West."
The Midwest Book Review

I was never very fond of Shakespeare, with his archaic language and complicated plots that seemed to go on forever. And, while I can still recite parts of Lady MacBeth's soliloquy, compliments of a drama class many (many) years ago, I wouldn't list the great author's works among my favorites to read. Cass Foster has set about to change that with his new series The Sixty-Minute Shakespeare While his versions of the great classics are unchanged in their Old English language and intricate plots, he has successfully shortened the plays to foster accessibility for readers such as myself.

The Sixty-Minute Shakespeare series is written with an eye toward the theater. Whether used for scene work in a drama class or as a fully staged production, each play contains staging tips for scenery and pacing. For the classroom teacher or even the avid learner, the books also include images and themes from Shakespeare's works, related websites, and a liberal sprinkling of footnotes throughout each play to explain and/or define the archaic terminology.

"Much Ado About Nothing," one of several plays in the series, follows Cass' unique format. The plot, while shortened to an hour runtime (if performed) still tells the story of Claudio, Hero and Don John. When Don John tricks Claudio into believing that his love, Hero, has been unfaithful, he leaves her. Hero's father, upon learning the truth, manipulates Claudio into reuniting with his beloved. Woven into this is the compelling love story between Beatrice and Benedick, tricked by friends into loving each other, only to realize that their feelings for one another were there from the start.

The Sixty-Minute Shakespeare series is the perfect compromise for readers wishing to enjoy the brilliance of a true master without spending hours with each play. It is also ideal for the teacher desiring to introduce his/her students to the same experience within the limited time frame of a classroom. On several levels, The Sixty-Minute Shakespeare "Much Ado About Nothing" is a GREAT READ.
Marcia Berneger
Muse Book Reviewer

It's been awhile since I checked in with your website and the Gunsmoke An American Institution website and I was just going to let you know I have been told by my family in Delaware that our mom (she just turned 84 on 03/09/2007) has been referencing her book more and more. Then when I come to the website I see where there are some congratulations that are in order. "Best Books 2006" winner for Ben Costello's book and Alex Cord's book was recognized and then you received a well deserved award. I'm sorry I didn't find out sooner, however, I am not surprised at all because you all deserve the recognition you receive plus more! Please know as we have mentioned before you have made a family very grateful by giving our mom such pleasure referencing Ben's book. She is a faithful Gunsmoke viewer and keeps her memory sharp by using the book to verify her knowledge of each episode. We wish you all continued success and satisfaction knowing how much joy you are bringing to many people's lives.
Take care.
Pat Ward

Dear Five-Star Publications:
Thanks so much for the "Sixty Minute Shakespeare" Series news release.
I discovered the scripts about 5 years ago. As our Education Outreach department at Colorado Shakespeare Festival is dedicated to enlightening teachers and students (and the community at large) about Shakespeare's works—using a "hands-on" philosophy—I have found the Five Star Shakespeare Collection an incredible resource. Whenever teachers are looking for a truncated script, or help with "opening up Shakespeare" to their students, I refer them to you... I have also listed the web page for your series on our website at: www.coloradoshakes.org/education/resources.cfm#script.
Thanks to you and Cass Foster and Lynn G. Johnson for these terrific tools!

Melinda J. Scott, Education Director

"In fact, the unselfconscious memoir [Don't Throw Away Your Stick Till You Cross The River by Vincent Collin Beach, published by Five Star Publications, Inc.] is a wonderful mix of the ordinary and extraordinary, the familiar and the strange. That's what makes it something else altogether: oddly compelling."

Andrew Junker
The Catholic Sun, March 1, 2007

"Recommended for use with fourth-grade and up (though it can be used with younger students…While the authors recommend using this resource in conjunction with Five Star Publications' Sixty Minute Shakespeare series, the suggestions may also be used in any program designed to introduce Shakespeare to students ranging in age from elementary to high school, or a mixture of ages."

"The tone of the book is enthusiastic and encouraging, the suggestions are realistic, and the activities are doable. Shakespeare: To Teach or Not to Teach is an excellent resource for any teacher setting out on the grand adventure of bringing Shakespeare's timeless plays to life."

Eclectic Home School Online

Ever dreamed of writing a bestseller? Many of us have.

Lucky for us, people like Linda Radke, president of Chandler-based Five Star Publications, is in the business of helping people make their writing dreams come true. Radke, named Book Marketer of the Year for 2006 by Book Publicists of Southern California, recently celebrated her 21st year marketing and publishing books...

Susanne Brent
Special for the Arizona Business Gazette
Feb. 1, 2007 12:00 AM

January 22, 2007

Don't Throw Away Your Stick till You Cross the River (Mar., $14.95) by Vincent Collin Beach with Anni Beach considers the life of an ordinary Jamaican in segregated America.
Publishers Weekly Staff
Spring 2007 Trade Paperbacks:
Biography & Memoir

January, 2007

This book is a wonderful read and nearly impossible to put down. You both have done a stellar job at presenting this far from ordinary—in fact very special—story in a way that is so accessible, so readable and so enjoyable. I love the cover, and the production is so very good also...well put together, and it looks like this publishing house does a lot to support its authors.

Nancy Ross
Professional Editor, Photographer,
Writer and Musician

January, 2007

"Our members appreciated Linda Radke's talk about the values of hiring a publicist. She gave us good advice and realistic options. She is knowledgeable, cordial and approachable."

Toby Fesler Heathcotte, President of Arizona Authors Association

January, 2007

"You need not be a professional writer to enjoy the pleasing style in Linda Radke's presentation. When it comes to the ins and outs of publishing, publicity, and marketing, this lady helps one make sense of it all. Five Star Publications, Inc. is her baby and it certainly shows. What she has to offer can be invaluable to those seeking guidance, and she presents it in such a comfortable, connecting, and humorous way."

Jim Green, Author of Young Adult Fiction

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Hi Linda. We met briefly last night at the Arizona Authors Association meeting, and I just wanted to say thanks again for taking the time out to talk with us. I just recently moved out to Arizona, so that was my first meeting and I thought the information you provided was very helpful. I'm just starting out on the path of self-publishing and beginning to learn about all of the time and effort that is truly involved in marketing and publicizing a book. The tips you gave last night will definitely come in handy along the way (I also purchased a copy of one of the books on your website - economic self-publishing). I think your excitement and positive attitude were contagious for almost everyone in the room!

Thanks again,
Amey Libman

Linda Radke is available to talk your group or do workshops. Please email for more information.

This is letter is a testimonial to why I have been a publisher for the past 21 years. ~Linda Radke

"Dear Paul ...I have read your amazing book as part of my research as a Jewish mystical scholar! What a profound and necessary book! All this unfolding against a backdrop of Iran staging a conference (that included David Duke) to determine if the Shoah really occurred! Obviously they haven't read Leo Fettman's story!

...Thanks for writing a great and important book - In the process of writing the book with Cantor Fettman, you fulfilled the most important aspects of Jewish mysticism! In Kabbalah we call your work with Cantor Fettman a great Mitzvah (fulfilling a Biblical commandment), and act of g'milut chasadim (loving kindness), tzedakkah (charity) and it could even be considered, in part, a process of Bikkur Cholim (meeting with others in order that they should heal faster). I am very inspired by your work and want to let you know that reading your book made a lasting positive impact on my life...Shalom, Gabriella"

October, 2006

School Library Journal
"... This engaging and helpful book [ I Just Am written by Bryan and Tom Lambke, published by Five Star Publications] updates older titles that might describe people as "suffering from" or being "afflicted with" mental retardation. Weed those and replace them with this one."

Linda Beck
Indian Valley Public Library
Telford, PA

October 5, 2006

"...[One Soldier's Journey, produced by Five Star Publications] is a moving reading experience and one that will explore many parts of your own heart and soul.
Frederick does a masterful and skillful job of placing the letters into the flow of the book along with recaps of events and comments. The end deals with the death notices and the funeral of his father. It all works to paint this portrait of the real man his father was. This son truly honors his father's history and delivers a fine tribute to him."

William H. Mcdonald Jr.
President of The Military Writer's Society of America
Excerpted from a five star review on Amazon.com

August 2006

...Thank you as well to Linda Radke, who co-presented the retreat with me.

...I feel Linda brings a great amount of enthusiasm and heart, as well as a very unique perspective with the information she has to offer to the retreat. Not only does she have a tremendous amount of experience in book publicity, but she publishes books as well, a unique twist of perspective and knowledge that is both hard to find and replicate.

Tom Bird
Tom Bird's Writer's Roundtable

May, 2006

Good Morning Linda,

The cover, the endorsement, and the About the Author pages are outstanding. You and your group have done an absolutely outstanding job for me. I am absolutely thrilled. I will let you know how we do.

Thank you all so very, very much. This has been an absolutely delightful experience. Have a super summer. I will be in touch.

Thanks so much again,
Sue (Peoples)

January 2, 2006

Hello to all at Five Star,
If you remember back to some time ago you edited my novel, A Horse to Remember. I am e-mailing your company once again to thank you for all the hard work you put into my book. As of earlier this week I was accepted into Raven Publishing, Inc., to publish my novel. Ironically, that very same day another company accepted it as well. After some tough decisions I chose to sign with Raven. I spent all summer under a literary agency and when nothing happened with the progression of my book I decided to take finding a publisher into my own hands! I would just like to thank you once again to show you that your hard, dedicated work towards my book really paid off. It would have been nothing with out your company's assistance!

Juliana Hutchings

June 20, 2005

In search of a suitable abridged version of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream I finally found out about Five Star Publications. The play, adapted by Cass Foster, leaves the Shakespearian language unchanged; and makes students acquainted with Shakespeare and the age that made him. The important point about it was that it really only took about an hour to perform, and so kept the part of each student in acceptable length. We had a lot of fun with Shakespeare, thanks to the helpful ready-made version in the sixty minute edition. Our audience, mainly parents and friends of our school, were not only delighted by the opportunity to enjoy Shakespeare and the students' performance but also to spend an evening without worrying about time. We are looking forward to the Shakespeare play, which will certainly be based on the sixty minute edition.

Freie Waldorfschule,
Ravensburg, Germany

June 6, 2005

In search of a suitable Shakespeare play for class 10, I finally found my way to Five Star Publications and the Sixty Minute Shakespeare by Cass Foster.
Not only that students could experience - and enjoy - the richness of Shakespeare's language and the age that made him, but also that we were able to perform the play in exactly 60 minutes, was really amazing. Mr Foster's abridged version of the Midsummer Night's Dream or any other Shakespeare play is an ideal means for school performances.

With thanks,
Elke Keller,

May 10, 2005

"If bein a star is special - 5 ain't enuff fer this team"

Marty Thompson
Author of Flying For Peanuts: The ABCs of Southwest Airlines


April 21, 2005

I want to commend you on an excellent product and fabulous service. I taught Much Ado About Nothing in the seventh for three years. The first year, I used the full text. This was not a very successful endeavor. The students couldn\'t delve very deeply into the play with the limited amount of school time we had. The next two years, I used the 60 Minute Shakespeare text. It was wonderful. I found it to be much more accessible than the full text, and because of this, my students were able to thoroughly study and enjoy the play. I plan to use it this year to teach Much Ado About Nothing to a group of homeschooling students that range from seventh to tenth grade. This is really the only way to teach a full Shakespearean play in the time allowed in a school year. Thank you again for not only producing a great product but for having excellent customer service as well!

Alyshia Jensen

February 8, 2005

Leadership Unbound Last year Larry Corbett and I went through an extensive process to select a publisher for our book. We talked with fifteen and selected Five Star for many reasons.

First, Linda's personal attention to detail and introduction plan.

Second, her efforts to ensure a high quality edition and a very clear message to potential readers.

Third, Linda's personality of "can do" attitude and great customer satisfaction.

Fourth, her most cost-effective printing and editing effort.

Five months later we are delighted with our choice. Linda continues to meet or exceed all of our expectations. I am eager to enjoy the results in 2005 of our partnership with an outstanding person and publisher.

My best regards,
Jerre Stead
Former Chairman and CEO
Ingram Micro

Spirit Courage and Resolve January 31, 2005

" I highly recommend Five Star Publications. We could not have accomplished our dream without your dedication, generosity and focus. The knowledge, experience, expertise, energy and dedication that Linda Radke and her staff provided cannot be surpassed."

The Lambkes
Karen, Tom, Shauna and Bryan


December 31, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

Several years ago, The Metanoia Group of Saint Mary's University of Minnesota published several books, generally in the area of ethics and business. We encountered a major challenge in the marketing, distribution and order fulfillment phases of the business. We knew very little about the book business, and sought expert advice.

I found Linda Radke and Five Star Publications. In our first conversation, I described our products, and especially our most recent publication using parables to illustrate principles of business ethics, and asked what her company could do for us. She asked for a copy of the book and, several days later, offered us an agreement under which Five Star Publications would market the book directly through vehicles open to it and would seek reviews in publications that would lead to purchase by libraries. Linda also agreed to fill orders for us. We accepted her proposal.

I was very pleased with our arrangement. Within a few weeks, we were beginning to receive orders from flyers and other announcements released by Five Star Publications. The journal reviews took longer, of course, but when they began, it would seem that they would never stop. And, almost without exception, they were very favorable evaluations of the book. Orders from libraries began immediately, and continued for more than a year. We also received a number of individual orders as a result of people browsing the book in the library and wanting their own copy.

Linda and Five Star Publications did everything they promised, on time, and with the kind of class that brought even more positive attention to our books. Our project turned into a major success, and it would not have been anywhere approaching successful without the expertise and the work of Linda and her staff at Five Star Publications.

I highly recommend the company for any project that fits their business mission statement. You may be assured that Five Star Publications will do an outstanding job.

Dr. Justin Green
Former Vice-President
The Metanoia Group
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Quality Life May 31, 2004

"I have been thrilled with the work Five Star Publications has done for me. From every aspect of their specializations, from the production of my latest book, to the professionalism of all the staff at Five Star and most of all, the national publicity that they have acquired and continue to acquire for me and my book. Linda Radke is not only very knowledgeable, but she is also very professional and easy to work with. I will continue to use Five Star Publications for all of my future publicity, marketing and production needs and I would never consider going elsewhere. Five Star Publications absolutely gets five stars in every job that they have taken on for me."

Robyn Rogers
Heartsome Publishing

January 11, 2004

"Linda, It has been a real pleasure working with you and your team in making my book, Soar like an Eagle a reality. As a first time author, I appreciate the fine and sincere recommendations you provided me. Further, all of the promises you made were surprisingly delivered way before the expected time. Now I will be able to publish my book with confidence. I look foward to working with you on my next book."

Ardene A. Bachoo
Bachoo Speaker Services Inc.

November 19, 2003

"As a first-time author, I needed nuts and bolts advice from an experienced consultant on whether to self-publish. Linda provided the insights I was looking for, plus many very helpful ideas on book design, distribution, printing and publicity. My day job is in financial consulting and it occupies all my time. Thus, I needed someone who really knew the publishing business and could get me up to speed on the critical points as quickly as possible. Linda did that. I would recommend her services to anyone thinking about the question of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing."

Mike Churchill

February 4, 2003

Just wanted to let you know that I received the media package, and was blown away by the quality of the books your company produced. Especially "My Life as a Gay Man in a Straight Woman's Body". I sat down with it, meaning to only read a few pages to check the layout, and ended up reading it cover to cover over the next few days! Wonderfully written, edited, and set up, too.

I've mentioned Five Star Publications to several clients, but want you to know that I'll continue to do so to any new clients who ask me about production or promotion of their book. I wish your company continued success!

Arlene Robinson

October 23, 2002

Ms Linda Radke
Five Star Publications
P.O. Box 6698
Chandler, Arizona 85246-6698

Dear Linda:

"I want to express my delight and appreciation to you for the excellent job you and your team did for me in publishing my book "A Full Life: The Letters of Frank J. Johnson." The work was completed well ahead of schedule, and in a thoroughly professional manner. It was a pleasure working with you at all levels of the publication process.

I would be more than happy to recommend your company to anyone who might be interested."

Sincerely yours,
Frank J. Johnson

September 30, 2002

Quality Life "As a small publisher with a minimum of experience, I was delighted to come across Five Star Publications. They helped us with campaigns for four books and an intergenerational game. Linda Radke and her staff are enthusiastic, professional and very enjoyable to work with. They produce dynamic materials, advise and then let the publisher make the final decisions. I especially appreciated having an attractive website developed for each product. The websites included online press kits to which the media could have instant access. I was impressed by how many contacts they established with the media. It resulted in impressive reviews, interviews and web placements. I can highly recommend Five Star as a high quality PR service!"

Leah Abrahams
QualityLife Resources

August 8, 2002

Morgan the Dog "Working with Five Star Publications is a delight. Linda and her team are creative, highly motivated and have a genuine desire for the books they represent to succeed on all levels. We at Morgan House Publishing are extremely pleased with the progress achieved to date. We have had terrific reviews and Linda is always thinking three steps ahead. The creative staff - art, graphics, design and copy are always top notch. I would recommend them to anyone interested in achieving great results without spending excessively. Top notch in my book! Pun intended!"

Most sincerely,
Janet Friesen
Morgan House Publishing

August 7, 2002

"Being a first time published author I had many questions and concerns about all the aspects of publishing from finances, to cover art, to circulation. Publishing a book is like giving birth and Linda Radke and her staff held my hand through the entire ordeal. Ms. Radke is gentle yet strong and is someone you would wish to have on your side pulling for you and your work. Her beliefs are wholehearted, and honesty is her mainstay. Even though our 'contract' may have expired, she continues to work sending writing leads and keeping her eyes and ears open for various venues that may be attuned to my book and my personality.

I continue to be amazed at all the places my book can be found, thanks to Five Star's publicity and distribution services. I've even seen it available overseas!

I have been working with Linda Radke and her staff at Five Star Publications since November of 2000, and when I get ready to have my second work published, I have no need to search elsewhere. I will return home to Five Star Publications."

Carol Sherman-Jones
Author-My Life as a Gay Man in a Straight Woman's Body

October 19, 2001

"In the spring of 1999 we contacted Linda Radke of Five Star Publications, Inc. to assist us with the production of our business book "Getting Your Shift Together: Making Sense of Organizational Culture and Change". Linda and her staff guided us through each step of the publishing process including:

Getting Your Shift Together Title development
Market research
Securing an ISBN
Design and production of the final product
Marketing and publicity after the book was published

Five Star garnered print publicity, radio and TV interviews and Internet coverage. In fact, Linda continues to send us leads and generate publicity two years later!

We highly recommend Five Star Publications for their production and marketing services. Their attention to detail and highly professional staff made our idea come to life."

Lizz Pellet, CEO
PJ Bouchard, President

July 11, 2001

"In the fall of 2000, I contacted Linda Radke, President of Five Star Publications to consider producing "Passover Cookery: In the Kitchen with Joan Kekst".

The time frame was exceedingly short; all the elements of producing the book, final assemblage of introduction, recipes, proofreading, graphics, photography, cover design and index, were yet to be accomplished, not to mention the time frame for printing and distribution was crucial.

Each of these elements was achieved with joint decisions made and implemented like creating a fine tuned Swiss watch.

By the time the book was published, I contracted with Five Star Publication to do the marketing for "Passover Cookery". As the book arrived on the market, excellent marketing materials including Webb site, media contact and press releases were widely distributed. The initial sales could never have been achieved without the diligence of Linda Radke and her staff.

Everyone at Five Star Publications participated thoroughly and contributed the success of "Passover Cookery". Although the book is seasonal, Five Star continues to offer suggestions for distribution ideas and other contacts.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how dedicated everyone became to the entire project nor can my recommendations express the camaraderie and delight they all took in each step of its success. I look forward to working with the same team again in the future."

Joan Kekst, Author
Passover Cookery, In the kitchen with Joan Kekst

July 11, 2001

"We Met on the Internet

The beginning of a beautiful, romance? No. How about the beginning of a wonderful and rewarding Author/Book packager relationship? Yep...I met my book packager over the web. Sounds like the making of a good ole fashioned country western song.

A little over a year ago I was the enthusiastic and totally naive author who wanted to self-publish her books. I didn’t have a clue and to make matters worse I was living in Venezuela and I wanted to publish the books back home in the US.

Enter the Internet. I got on-line and started surfing. I needed to find an editor, someone to typecast, a cover designer, a printer and of course an artist to do the cover. I wanted to bring together a team of people who were able and willing to share my dream.

Amazingly enough it all came together. Perhaps through sheer dumb luck or as I would prefer to think, divine intervention, I found Linda Radke President of Five Star Publications a book packager. She coordinated the whole arrangement making my first endeavor in self publishing a rewarding and rather painless process.

Over the next year Linda and I became email pen pals of sorts. I would send my stories and ideas. She would send back input, drafts and sample covers etc. In all that time we rarely spoke in by phone and to this day we still haven’t met. I felt a little like Meg Ryan in the popular movie You Have Mail. Though it wasn’t Tom Hanks email I was waiting for, it was the next sample book I was waiting for, or news of a news release or sale.

Thanks in to Linda and her great staff’s commitment the first five books in my series were released March 2001. The reviews have been positive and though the children’s market is a tough one to break into, the professionalism has helped me get my foot into numerous doors including getting signed by a National Distributor, a critical step in getting my books into the major book store chains. The books can now be found in places like Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com or our web site www.AndiOmalley.com and as time goes by hopefully you can find them in a store near you.

The series is a chapter book for young readers, ages 8-10 years of age called The Adventures of Andi O’Malley. Each of the books gently introduces children to sensitive, real life issues in a way that will help them understand and better appreciate the world around them. Whether it be Angel Experiment JR134 when Andi gets a chance to switch places with the most popular girl in school only to find out that she prefers to be simply Andi O ’Malley; or Three Miracles when Andi and her friends learn the dangers of drinking and driving, the team has been able to translate my work into a package that charms whoever sees it.

From the beginning Linda seemed to understand where I was going with the series. It’s a tough line to walk, trying to introduce sensitive subjects to the third and fourth grade readers while weaving the lessons in an entertaining story. Subjects that sometimes Linda will admit, “get pretty deep.”

Andi OMalley series Working with Five Star’s on the first five books was such a rewarding experience I contracted them to work on the next six books as well. The books have been written and the covers have been designed and if possible I am more excited about this next set, due out this fall than the first and that’s saying something.

Yet looking back on our journey I find it amazing that we did it all without ever meeting. It seems as if I have known Linda for years frequently forgetting that I have never laid eyes on her.

I would guess that many other such relationships will begin over the internet like ours. I can only hope their story turns out as well as ours and they too live happily ever after."

Celeste Messer

April 19, 2001

"This letter is to recommend Linda Radke and her company, Five Star Publications.

Linda was the publishing consultant for producing my book, Junk Mail Solution. I am delighted with the quality of the book. Linda has assembled a five star team of experts to handle every aspect of self-publishing. She patiently guided this new author throughout the entire process.

Linda and her team have been easy to work with, prompt, thorough, and full of ideas and generously shared information.

Five Star Publications has been very professional and has gone the extra mile to produce and enthusiastically promote my book. I am more than pleased with the package of services received. I give Linda Radke a Five Star rating."

Jackie Plusch,
Author of Junk Mail Solution

April 13, 2001

Light in the Darkness "For anyone that is interested in having a book published, especially a first book, I would highly recommend the services of Linda Radke of FiveStar Publications. She and her staff will do a first class job to help you over the hurdles of getting your book in print.

In my case, her editing staff thought I should make some initial changes to make my book more marketable, interesting, and readable. I agreed with those suggestions, made the changes, and then proceeded with publication of the book with the aid of her talented staff's help.

Linda herself guided me beautifully through the intricacies of publication in a meticulous, precise, and concerned manner. She left no stones unturned in the process (and didn't let me!).

She then helped me to market the book in many ways. In addition to contacting multiple magazines, newspapers and other potentially interested sources, she succeeded in getting my book accepted by major book distributors. She also arranged multiple radio interviews around the country. Probably most effective for marketing, she set up a sophisticated web site devoted to information on the book and author.

Without Linda Radke's help, I would not have gotten my book published and marketed in such a dignified and professional way."

St. George Lee, MD

May 29, 2000

"You've done the hard part, you've written and published the book, but now what do you do? How do you get the word out? Where do you start? With Linda Radke of Five Star Publications is where! You will not find a more dedicated, friendly, professional marketer anywhere! What you get from Linda and her staff is not only their vast marketing expertise, but encouragement as well. They make sure you understand what is involved in marketing your book and they take the time to answer any and all questions. No question is too insignificant to them. Each client is made to feel their book is the only one they are handling.

For me personally, Linda took the time to explain the "book world" to me since I was filled with questions and worries. She put me right at ease. She and her colleagues put together a plan for my book, What Are They Going To Do, Send Me To Vietnam? which has proven quite successful. I have had numerous radio interviews in the United States and Canada as well as contact from many veteran's groups from around the country. Thanks to Five Star's efforts I have had several book signings as well. I have people from as faraway as Australia, Taiwan, India, and even Vietnam wanting more information. In addition, my book is selling quite well on Amazon.com.

If you want results, if you want to get your book noticed, you need toemploy Five Star Publications. They know how to push and they get results. Like the Energizer Bunny, they keep going and going and going... Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk to a very satisfied customer!"

Jack Stoddard
Sunrise Mountain Publishing

May 25, 2000

Creator "I give Five Star Publications the top prize for promoting my book, CREATOR, The Revelation of Healing Yourself and Others and for securing distribution throughout Canada and the United States. Linda Radke and her staff have produced outstanding results in a far shorter time period than I expected. I am impressed (and kept quite busy!) by the continual flow of interested interviewers and those asking me to speak in conference settings."

Mark Earlix (author and lecturer)
The Art of Healing, Inc.

January 26, 2000

"After I self-published my book, Husbands Who Love Men, I quickly realized that getting it into print was the easy part and that unless I got help with the marketing part of the process, I would end up with a lot of books in my garage! I was fortunate to find and retain the services of Five Star Publications, Inc. My only regret was not having the benefit of their expertise sooner. They could have helped me so much.

The honesty and integrity of Linda Radke and her Five Star Support Group staff have been above reproach. They are always available and ready to help in every way. Linda has a national network that has connected me to many radio talk shows, including Howard Stern's. My book has received broad publicity and I can truly say I have received more than I paid for.

I highly recommend Five Star Publications to any person or firm in need of publicity, advice, and all the services that go with publications. They have experts in all fields and Linda is indeed an expert herself."

Aileen H. Atwood RN, Ed.D.

January 5, 1999

"Having never published a book I was a novice to say the least. I talked with several companies in pursuit of the best. The saying that being "lucky is better than being good" applies to me and my relationship to Linda Radke and Five Star Publications. I didn't know enough to be good at selecting someone to help me publish my book, but I sure got lucky. Short of Linda providing her service for free I could ask for nothing more. What else can I say? My next book Linda does, it's just that simple."

Phil Rea

The Proper Pig "We first met Linda in 1995 when we were searching for a publishing consultant to assist us with our book. After meeting with a number of individuals in the publishing business, we found Linda to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and personable. She immediately determined the level of assistance that we needed and offered several alternative approaches for proceeding with our project.

We subsequently engaged Linda for a variety of consulting services which culminated in the publication and promotion of our book. Throughout this venture, Linda offered enthusiastic support and encouragement along with sound advice.

We highly recommend Linda Radke to anyone who needs assistance with the development of a book concept, the publishing process, or the marketing and distribution of a book. Our experience has been both beneficial and enjoyable.

Please feel free to contact us for additional comment."

L. A. Kowal and Sally S. Stamp
LaSow, Inc.

Profits of Death "I have worked with Linda Radke on my book "Profits of Death" since December of 1995. She has been able to competently put together a staff of professionals that have aided in the successful completion of my book. Linda makes up for the lack of size of her company with unabashed enthusiasm. I had interviewed several people in making the decision to publish and chose Linda based on her enthusiasm and professionalism. It has been easy to work with Linda and her staff who always seem able to accomplish what they promise in a timely manner. Whatever your publishing project, you will be pleased by choosing Linda. Good luck."

Darryl J. Roberts

2 April 1998

"Five Star Publications and in particular Linda Radke, were recommended to me as an avenue to help with tactics and strategy in the merchandising / marketing of an educational text.

Their ideas were sound, practical and within budget. Implementing Five Star Publications' suggestions increased sales and too the publication to a new plateau.

Too, Linda was very good at "taking how the clients sensed the project should go forth" and using that with publishing reality.

Now, I recommend Five Star Publications."

Gary Katz
The Key To The Bible

June 28, 1999

"I have been a client of Five Star Publications, Inc. since October 1998 when I first sent a copy of my book to them for evaluation. Since then, we entered into an agreement for Five Star to provide the following services: Editing of the work, cover design, typesetting, layout, and printing and collating of the work. These services were provided within a 5-6 month time frame as outlined in our agreement.

I then hired Five Star to provide the following services: Sending Galley proofs, National Publicity, Marketing, and establish a Web site presence. At present, Five Star is still providing assistance with Marketing and National Publicity.

I have been extremely satisfied with Five Star and would recommend them to anyone interested in Publisher's Support Services. They have helped produce a product that I am most proud of and have established excellent exposure for me. Ms. Radke is a very conscientious person who goes the extra mile for her clients."

Ricki Pagano

"Five Star Publications's stable of resources is impressive. My manuscript was drafted, yet I had no idea how it would be reviewed by an agent or publisher. Linda Radke found editors that gave me two distinct and valuable perspectives that are allowing me to rewrite with confidence. This type of help is very hard to come by, and is very, very helpful."

Marlane Miller, global consultant
Executive coach, Master Trainer, author of BrainStyles: Change Your Life WITHOUT Changing Who You Are (Simon & Schuster)now in translation in 5 languages, taught worldwide

A visitor to our guestbook left this message...

"As an educator, parent, and avid reader, I am most impressed with you site and selection. I especially like that you have a wide variety of subjects, something that is always a winner when looking for books to purchase. A definite five star site."

Peter Robertson
Biloxi, Mississippi

Here's what publishers, editors, and authors are saying about PSS...

"I want you to know how much I appreciate Publishers Support Services. The books I have received from you to review have all been interesting, full of helpful information; books a reviewer could not have possibly received from the large publishers promoting their best seller lists. A support group like yours is doing authors a bigger service than they realize."

Virginia Sink
Book Review Columnist,
Tribune Review
Bethany, OK

"What a pleasure it has been dealing with you. Your enthusiasm and expertise are a winning combination. The suggestions you've made saved us money while increasing the effectiveness of our promotions."

Alan Korwin
Bloomfield Press
Phoenix, AZ

"This letter is in reference to Linda Radke who has assisted Navajo Community College Press as a book publicist and has also provided other promotional services to us as well. I have found Linda to be a great asset to our operation. She is totally devoted and committed to what she does and she is also thorough and well-informed.

Navajo Community College Press is a small press in that we publish only about six titles a year. We are one of only about three community colleges presses in the United States and we are now 23 years old. Because our overall annual budget is considerably less than large publishers, or even mid-sized publishers, we are greatly concerned about how funds are put to use in all areas of operation.

We hired Linda as a consultant to assist us in promoting our books to particular target groups and Linda has been very helpful and effective in this assignment. As a result of the successful relationship between Navajo Community College and Linda Radke, I feel that I can highly recommend her to other publishers.

Please do consider her for a position with your press. She will be a great asset to you as she is to Navajo Community College Press. Thank you."

Anna L. Walters
Former College Press Director

"Linda Radke and Five Star Publications has given my book Nanise', A Navajo Herbal, a continuing public presence which translates into higher sales. Because of her, Nanise', like her other author's works, has been:

Reviewed in newspapers coast-to-coast; Sold overseas - even in Iceland and Nanise' is a book on desert plants! Featured at book signings hosted by a national bookstore chain; Advertised in national publications read by the nation's number one book buyers: librarians and educators; Invited to radio talk shows.

I had the expertise to write the book; and I need the marketing know how and resources of Linda Radke's Five Star Publications to make sure my award-winning book gets the publicity and store space it deserves."

Barbara Lacy, Author
President of Arizona Press Women, 1991-93

What I liked best about working with PSS was...

"Attention to every detail of distribution project!

Enjoyed our relationship established during the promotion and distribution of my book. Your guidance in the many approaches to the marketing of the book was most professional. Thanks Linda, for a job well-done."

Gerry Grout,

"PSS stayed within budget and provided professional service, and end product. Linda was great to work with - creative , enthusiastic, professional, flexible to meet needs of financial audience. No difficulties because of time change between Indiana and Arizona. Will use again."

Janet L. Myers,
Dearborn Business Group, Ltd.

"Quality of work and timeliness."

World Travel Institute Press, Inc.

"Your ability to capture the theme of the book quickly and to summarize so clearly."

Dennis Dunn, Dunn & Hargitt, Inc.

"I liked the process of dialogue regarding all matters.

None of us had all the answers but together we had more than any individual. Doing a biography is a very sensitive endeavor. PSS recognized that and took every precaution to avoid insensitivity to both author and biographee. On the other hand Linda Radke took initiatives that were a bit risky. One example was when a friend of the biographee suggested it would be great to have a governor's proclamation honoring the biographee. Linda Radke took it from there and within a month the proclamation was forthcoming!"

Nornel Associates,
Nelson Haggerson, Ph.D.

"Their professionalism and willingness to solve problems."

Ed McCombs
College Press Director
Navajo Community College Press
Tsaile, AZ

"I would recommend Five Star Publications to any publisher who wants personal and detailed attention to getting their book off the ground and into flight. FSP really understands the problems facing small and medium-sized publishers. I highly recommend them.

Linda's honesty, if it were not for this, we would have encountered major problems with one book. Linda does what she says she is going to do, and on time I might add."

Darryl White
Pyramid Publishing,
Forrest Hills, NY

"I am very happy with the services I've received ..publishing advice, editing and design of my book, finding...several book distributors (two of the largest in the country), the flier they wrote and designed, their publicity and marketing. You are in good hands."

Andrew Cochran
Abbottsford Publishing
Brookline, MA

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