When Life Throws You a Curve by Elizabeth Golden
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When Life Throws You a Curve by Elizabeth Golden

Finalist in the Arizona Book Publishers Association Awards for Juvenile/Young Adult-Nonfiction

by Elizabeth Golden

No adolescent chooses Scoliosis … It just shows up uninvited as it did for Elizabeth Golden.

Life’s Challenges Diminish When Shared

When Elizabeth Golden, a typical 13-year-old student who enjoyed hanging out with friends, playing sports and laughing out loud, was diagnosed with Scoliosis and faced major surgery, she was understandably apprehensive about her future. Would she ever play squash or tennis again? Would her family or friends treat her differently? There was one thing, however, that Elizabeth was quite sure of – that there would always be others facing similar challenges, and they could benefit by knowing she shared their pain, fear, uncertainty, joys and triumphs. This gave her the foresight to record her experiences, from diagnosis and surgery to recovery and victory in order to help others who face similar challenges. Out of her journal was born When Life Throws You A Curve: One Girl’s Triumph Over Scoliosis.

"Seen through the eyes of adolescence, Elizabeth describes her personal experience with spine surgery to correct Scoliosis with charm, candor and humor. At the same time, she does not sugarcoat the surgical procedure, the discomfort and the related anxieties," says Denis Drummond MD, Elizabeth’s physician. "Significantly, she relates her own journey of personal growth with the acquisition of coping skills to deal with life’s difficulties. It is this growth toward maturity and independence that makes her story so compelling."

Once fearful about whether she would be able to walk without pain, Elizabeth emerged from her experience to become a nationally-ranked squash player and a varsity tennis player. The scar running down her back is a symbol of a lifetime experience that made her more determined and focused. A self-confident young woman today, Elizabeth recently backpacked 40 miles through the Green Mountains and entered her freshman year at Yale in September.

Let her story help you or a loved one negotiate the unexpected curves that occasionally take life down a road unplanned.

Write to Elizabeth! Her email is elizabeth@elizabethgolden.com.

Published by: Five Star Publications
ISBN 978-1-58985-102-3
Published June 2008
Paperback / Nonfiction

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