Lady Lost - by Margaret Graziano
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Lady Lost - by Margaret Graziano

About the Author

Marge Graziano, was born in Chicago in 1938. In 1964, she moved her young family to Arizona with high hopes and dreams for the future. Having been warned in advance that the August heat was "Hell," Marge actually felt like she'd made it to "Heaven" and began establishing deep desert roots meant to last a lifetime.

Marge quickly became an active part of her new community. She attended Arizona State University, worked with the local Welcome Wagon and sold water softeners door-to-door. She also worked for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce as Membership Director and Community Development Director and was licensed as a State Farm Insurance agent in 1979.

After a painful divorce in 1980, Marge, always up for a new adventure, married a longtime friend and enjoyed five years of sailing and exploring around the Pacific Ocean's Channel Islands. During a subsequent relationship, she was able to travel with her new husband around the world, also renewing a childhood interest in golf. With her husband's untimely death in 1990, Marge approached being single as the opening of a "whole new world" and became heavily involved in volunteerism and community service.

The loss of her eldest son in 1989 is a loss that Marge deeply grieves, and she maintains treasured personal relationships with her three living children. She currently enjoys a business partnership with her younger son, having established a vineyard and winery in historic Jerome. She has also acquired a gallery and has plans in the works for expansion of the vineyard and the addition of a second winery. "Ain't life grand?"

Published by: Five Star Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-58985-152-8
Paperback / Nonfiction / $15.95
Published Summer 2009
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