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Gator, Gator, Second Grader
(Classroom Pet…or Not?)
By Conrad J. Storad, illustrated by Alex Lopez

ISBN 978-1-58985-271-6
EISBN 978-1-58985-272-3
$ 9.95 US / 10.95 CAN
Published by Little Five Star, a division of Five Star Publications, Inc.
Publish Date Winter 2015
Paperback, Perfect Bound
8 x 8, 40 pages
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"Students, please listen well…." Teacher said.
"This is something you should know.
A baby gator is NOT a good classroom pet.
It will grow and grow and GROW!"


Then Jacob and Benny
raised their hands.
Their happy faces smiled.
"Some animals are safe, fun pets,
but alligators belong in the wild!"

Cleverly crafted for early elementary readers, award-winning author Conrad Storad’s latest science-based children’s book is perfect for "2-leggers!" Narrated by a gerbil nicknamed "Snoozer," the story begins when second graders Benny and Jacob bring a baby alligator to school in a cardboard box. "A baby gator is NOT a good classroom pet," their teacher exclaims! As an impromptu "safari" unfolds, Mrs. Nichols helps her students identify which creatures are suitable for school and which are better housed elsewhere! Following the story, a well-researched curriculum guide captivates young readers, helping them develop a deeper respect for nature. "Good work, second graders!"

Coyote Peterson
— Coyote Peterson, host of Breaking Trail

"Gator, Gator, Second Grader (Classroom Pet…Or Not?) addresses a concern that many animal educators now face in today’s growing pet trade: what is a good pet and what is NOT? It is important for kids to learn from those of us who have been there. When I was a kid, I loved so many different species of animals and I begged for dozens to have as pets—from alligators and tokay geckos to creatures as crazy as wolverines and badgers—I used to beg my mom for them all! Thankfully, she would find a plush or rubber animal for me to care for instead but the fact remains that kids love animals and do not think about the challenges of keeping them as pets!

Wild animals—from gators to bears—belong in the wild, plain and simple. But, kids don't always understand that. What's amazing about Gator, Gator, Second Grader is that it not only tells an entertaining story about kids and an alligator, it also explains why this reptile among others do not make good pets and suggests some animals that do make good household companions.

As a kid, being told 'No!' is heartbreaking. However, being told 'No, but here is another option...' is brilliantly awesome! I think what really captivated me about reading this book, aside from the amusing story and beautiful illustrations, was the addition of animal facts, questions, and educational lessons provided at the end of the book which allows both parents and teachers to engage and educate the next generation of animal lovers.

I hope that Conrad J. Storad and Five Star Publications, Inc. have other books like this one on deck because not only is there a wild world of possibilities to be covered, there are also countless young, animal-enthusiasts to inspire with this style of education!"

— Coyote Peterson, host of Breaking Trail

$ 9.95 US / 10.95 CAN

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